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Photo TR: Pyeongwha Land and Honey Land (Aug. 21, 2013)

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This TR is a bit over due. I went to South Korea back in August of last year and visited two small parks north of Seoul. One park is Pyeongwha Land. It is very close to the DMZ and North Korea. There is a wacky worm here that wasn't open the day I visited it. I rode it on previous visits. Pyeongwha is Korean for peace. This would make the park's English name Peace Land. There is a train on display that was bombed during the Korean war. Most the of the rides here are for families, but the park makes a pleasant day out if you are in Korea and want to learn more about the Korean war and get a credit while doing so. There is even a store selling North Korean made goods.


About halfway between Seoul and the DMZ is a place called Honey Land. I learned of this park several years ago, but never visited until last August due to it not having a coaster. My reason for visiting the park was that I found out about a ride the park has called Swing Dance. This ride could best be described as the result of a Trabant and a Quasar having unprotected sex. It looks like a Trabant from a distance, yet the seats swing out as the ride spins. The ride does lift up and tilt like a Trabant does, but the seats swing out while the ride is spinning. It is a lot of fun. I was the only person at Honey Land besides the employees. Honey Land is a very well-kept park and looks very nice. Swing Dance is worth the stop either going to or from Pyeongwha Land.


Both parks can be done on the same day and are about 30 minutes away from each other. Honey Land is for rides. Pyeongwha Land will give coaster enthusiasts a credit and allow people to learn more about the Korean war as well as allow people to shop for North Korean souvinirs. Both parks are very clean and well-kept.


I have arrived at Pyeongwha Land.


Here is the park's carousel.


There is a wacky worm here called Lightning Train. The English Name is not spelled right on the sign.


It is just a typical wacky worm ride.


It is closed for today, but I had ridden it before.


Here are the tea cups. I like the little pavilions they have build for the rides here.


The Music Express is fun.


The Wave Swinger is one of the newer rides here.


Here are more rides.


This pond has been remodeled. It used to be in the shape of the Korean peninsula.


This train was bombed during the war. It is a North Korean train.


My second park of the day is Honey Land.


Here is a map of Honey Land.


Here is the carousel at Honey Land.


The baloon ride is one of about a dozen rides here.


Koreans love their pirate ships.


Here is some of the scenery at Honey Land.


Here is more scenery inside Honey Land.


This is also inside Honey Land.


Honey Land provides a touch of Disney in South Korea.


You can get a good idea of Honey Land's theming by this photo of the restrooms.


This is Swing Dance. It looks like a Trabant, but the seats swing out like on a Quasar. The ride also tilts like a Trabant.

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I did ride Swing Dance and it is great fun. Unfortunately, I do not have any photos of it in action as I was the only person in the park at the time. It is one of the best flat rides I have ridden. If you visit South Korea, make sure you check this place out either going to or from Pyeongwha Land. Swing Dance is the only one of its type I have seen.


You can see a picture of Swing Dance in action on the park's website here: http://honeyland.co.kr/facility/f2.php


Notice that it is how I described it.

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