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Which amusement park deserves a new coaster?

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I'm going to answer this, ONLY because the first part of your Screename

is almost my last name - all of it.


And the answer is: Any park deserves a new coaster. including KD.


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Wild Adventures in Valdosta Georgia. Considering its a Herschend park it's treated like Garbage compared to the rest of them. A B&M wing rider would be nice for this park or a RMC makeover on there woodie Cheetah which is stating to become rough would be nice. Last year we got a Zamperla Disco which is not a Coaster!!! Herschend should make this a better park like Silver Dollar City or DollyWood.

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Fiesta Texas just needs that rumored woodie on the boardwalk, but other than that, I find the coaster selection there to be sufficient. Sea World SA definately needs one; when the other parks got their respective Mantas I held on to some glimmer of hope we would get a B&M flyer Manta or something but It never happened. Hopefully within the next couple of years. As for SFOT, it's imminent it is getting a coaster, its just when. But it needs one.


Thats about it for me arguing about why my home parks deserves a new coastsr, but as for a park that is not my home park, Yes, SFStL gets my vote. The boomerang was a nice addition, but it is a boomerang, there isn't alot special about a boomerang, especially one two decades old.

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I think MiA needs something. A perfect candidate for a Eurofighter.


I'd agree with SFSTL. Maybe if X-Flight gets the clone treatment, they'll get one. That'd be nice.


Adventureland in IA could use an El Loco or a Eurofighter.


Silverwood could use one. Maybe we will see the first all steel RMC there.


Valleyfair and WOF could both use something, in due time.


KD? It takes a long time for something massive live a giga to wear off. The additions for 2014 should keep guests happy. But I'd expect B&M to bring something in 2015. Probably not inverted, so I guess Dive machine is possible.


Nick Universe hasn't got a new coaster in 2008. Love to see Orange Streak replaced with Vekoma SFC or an Intamin like that mall in Malaysia.

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Elitches. Last major coaster was 2004, and they've removed one since then (Flying Coaster). I know they are out of space, but if we go off of what Grona Lund is doing then there will always be room.

Honorable mention to Silverwood, last major coaster was 2008. Hopefully that RMC works out!

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