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Which wooden coasters needs refurbishments/improvements.

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There are so many wooden coasters out there that need some refurbishment/improvements! Any kind! List what coasters you would want to see get some improvements in general!


My list:


Shivering Timbers: New trains (Timberlines/RMC trains) or a complete retrack in general!

Wolverine Wildcat: A second train...

Mean Streak: There is literally nothing that can save it, but maybe get rid of those TRIM BRAKES ON THE FIRST DROP!!

Gwazi: That's going to be destroyed soon anyways..

Blue Streak: Actually a great ride! Needs some work though

Gemini (If it counts as wooden): I thought that some of the turns

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If this topic had been posted at the beginning of last year I would have said the Big Dipper at Blackpool, but then I had an ERT session in the freezing cold on it and it ran perfectly. As long as they keep up their maintenance then that ride runs perfectly!

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Le Monstre at La Ronde should get fixed, because the PTC trains last season destroyed some parts of the ride and it was closed for half the season... I know most enthusiasts don't like it, but me it's one of my favorite wooden coasters (#5) so I would really like to see it up and running for 2014.

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I was going to say GASM but it's a classic and shouldn't be altered. Maybe some new trains but leave the track as it is.


The Georgia Cyclone had some areas of the track replaced but I think a full re tracking would completely change the ride experience.

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Mean Streak: needs a complete reprofile to prevent rider deaths - from boredom - a good candidate for an iron horse treatment.


Ghost Rider - needs help. Layout is fine, but the coaster rides like it has square wheels. Topper track or iron horse it.


Hades: in keeping with the theme of hell, a large amount of fire should be applied, preferably delivered by a stealth bomber. Call in the air strike.

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Renovation? By what? Wrecking ball or gas cans and match? (You do realize that it has been "renovated" since it opened and portions extensively retracked not that long ago. It runs pretty good once it's warmed up for the day. It's an impressive structure to look at and I love the legnth of the ride but it certainly has seen better days long ago. I honestly wouldn't mind CP taking it down as long as they replace it with another wood coaster. (Sadly I think there are a few other classic, and some now rare, coasters at the park that are higher canidates for removal and replacement before Mean Streak.)

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If anything was done to GhostRider, I would say just Topper Track. It's actually a great ride when the track is in good condition and the brakes aren't turned up in the middle of the ride. I think the putting in topper track and letting it run at full speed again would be the best solution.


I do however think that Mean Streak could go for the full Iron Mean Streak treatment. Nothing really great to save about that ride.

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Pretty much every one that wasn't recently built GCI, RMC nor an Intamin Plug and Play.


Although, I'll include Coaster and Playland, Boulder Dash, Ravine Flyer and Phoenix as a few that don't need refurbs.


Even the Beast that just recently got retracked/rebuilt in 2011-2012?

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