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What was your favorite ride of 2013?

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Top three for 2013:

1 - Storm Runner

2 - Skyrush

3 - Raptor (CP)

Top three overall:

1 - Dragon khan

2 - Storm Runner

3 - Skyrush


So it's looking really good for Hershey park and while I didn't change my favourite ride I did have a new 2nd and third! Nice 2013!

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Top Coasters I rode in 2013:


3) Top Thrill Dragster

2) Apollo's Chariot

1) Intimidator 305


Honorable Mentions: Diamondback, Beast, Millennium Force, Gatekeeper, Intimidator, Afterburn, Volcano: Blast Coaster, Dominator, Wild Eagle, Thunderhead, Alpengeist, Griffon, and White Lightning.

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My visit to Holiday World gave me three new Top Ten Wooden Coasters. One of those, The Voyage, was my absolute favorite not only of the three woodies there, but favorite of 2013, and favorite coaster of all time right now.

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Parks that the wife and I visited this year:

Cedar Point

Michigan's Adventure

Busch Garden's Tampa Bay

Universal Studios Florida

Islands of Adventure

Sea World Orlando


Top New Rides

1. Transformers the Ride 3D @ USF

2. Hollywood Rip Ride Rockit @ USF

3. Manta @ SWO


Top Re-Rides

1. Maverick @ CP

2. Shivering Timbers @ MA

3. Kumba @ BGT


Top Rides Overall this Year

1. Maverick @ CP

2. Shivering Timbers @ MA

3. Transformers the Ride 3D @ USF

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1. Phoenix - as if anyone had to ask me this question (heheh)

2. Ravine Flyer II - thirteen times in one day

3. Talon - so smooth and graceful

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Riding Maverick and Millennium Force for the first time in 4 years. I'm so sorry I spent so much time away from them!


Backwards Viper would probably be number 3. I love Viper and it was awesome to ride it backwards. Beast is a close competitor, it was running very well this year.

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