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What was your favorite ride of 2013?

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1. Intimidator 232 because no matter how many of you haters say it's a bad coaster, it's still pretty awesome.


2. Goliath (SFOG). This was new to me and I thought it was a pretty good coaster. Not really focused on height or speed but more for


3. Afterburn. Just a great B&M invert.

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My top three are all from my trip to Denmark:


1. Tornado - Bakken. That thing is just insanely intense! And fun! If your stomach can handle it, I suggest you ask the operator to spin the car as it leaves the station. Was not disappointed.

2. Vertigo - Tivoli Gardens. Those who have ridden it know what I'm talking about. Pure madness!

3. Daemonen - Tivoli Gardens. Can't go wrong with B&M no matter what the size.

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1. Skyrush. Awesome. Scary. Hard to re-ride. I can't decide if I like Skyrush more than El Toro or not. I can ride the bull a million times in a row with my hands up, but Skyrush makes you hold on for dear life. Not to mention that the thigh-crushing is still really bad. They got better this year with the modifications, but it's still pretty un-bearable, and I'm usually not one to complain about that stuff. All that aside, this coaster is so awesome. Perfect drop, scary strong airtime, hold-on-for-dear-life turns and transitions. The perfect cure for those who have stopped being scared by coasters and want to bring the fear back.


Great description of the psychology that comes with riding Skyrush. It was the first time I felt any sort of on-ride fear (fear of extreme roughness excluded) in years. A big part of why it's my #1 steel.


My top three of 2013 were all new to me this year.


1. The Voyage

2. Outlaw Run

3. The Legend


I didn't find either of the Holiday World coasters to be overly rough when I rode them in June.

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Mine would be :

  1. Maverick
  2. Millenium Force
  3. Either Raging Bull or Viper (both at SFGAm)

All these 4 were new credits for me this year, and they are all on my favorites list, except Raging Bull (which was excellent... But it missed something to make it on my top 10)

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3.) YOLOcoaster (SFMM)

I really like how everyone still calls Full Throttle "Yolo Coaster" even if the coaster is now open and the teaser was released since more than a year !

EDIT : just noticed it's the word filter that changes it automatically... Very funny Robb !

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Best new coasters of 2013:

1. Outlaw Run at Silver Dollar City

2. Incredible Hulk at Islands of Adventure

3. Manta at SeaWorld Orlando


Best new non-coaster rides of 2013:

1. Amazing Adventures of Spider-Man at Islands of Adventure

2. Harry Potter and the Forbidden Journey at Islands of Adventure

3. Test Track 2.0 at EPCOT

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Also didn't get to too many parks this year, but here are my top new (and old) ten rides of 2013:


Not new, but still awesome experiences:


10. Maxair @ CP @ night = always awesome & even better now that you can see more lake instead of Disaster Transport's ugly building!


9. Fahrenheit @ Hershey - line and loading was atrocious, but I easily had my best ride on this coaster this year...at night for the first time!


8. Storm Runner @ Hershey - always a fun (albeit short) coaster.


7. Steel Dragon @ Waldameer with Michael's grandkids - they loved this coaster...and I do too! I wish all of the mouse coasters were as awesome as this one!


6. Ravine Flyer II @ Waldameer - we got Michael's 7 year old granddaughter on it...and she loved it so much, she rode it with us twice in a row! She wanted more, but her older brother was a bit more apprehensive and wanted to go on some of the tamer rides. Her expressions and reactions were HILARIOUS - sheer terror one minute and ecstasy the next!


5. Skooters @ Knoebels - how can you ride this and not be laughing your ass off the entire time?


4. Maverick @ CP in the front seat - always epic and I didn't get my ears boxed one time, so I think I finally figured out how to ride this coaster properly!


3. Millennium Force @ CP in the dark in the back seat - front is best at night, but we got some seriously good night rides (in or near the back) this year.


2. Skyrush @ Hershey - this ride is just flat out insane! Definitely liked it more this year than I did last year, but not sure why...maybe I wasn't as hungover?


1. Phoenix @ Knoebels - finally got a night ride in the front seat....awesome, epic, phenomenal!


New hotness for 2013:

10. Swings over the water @ Indiana Beach - best swing ride I have ever been on!


9. Steel Hawg @ IB - a coaster that has you saying "WTF was THAT all about?" when you get off!


8. Music Express (insane speed version) @ Waldameer with Michael's grandkids - they loved it and I was laughing the entire time!


7. Double Shot @ Indiana Beach - broke my Oakley's, but the ejector airtime "clunker" at the top was ridiculously cool - if not a bit scary. I have never been on a shot tower ride that did that before!


6. Gatekeeper @ CP in the front seat with a ten minute wait. Not the greatest coaster in the world, but still pretty fun in the front seat - especially with hardly any wait!


5. Lost Coaster of Superstition Mountain @ Indiana Beach - another WTF coaster that was all sorts of awesome!


4. Wildebeest @ Splashin' Safari - first water coaster...loved it!


3. Hoosier Hurricane @ Indiana Beach - really enjoyed this one despite more people giving the nod to Pornball Express as the better coaster.


2. Mammoth @ Splashin' Safari- the wait was about 45 minutes, but it was one of the coolest water rides I have ever ridden - tons of fun!


1. Shivering Timbers @ Michigan's Adventure in the front seat - not El Toro ejector air, but I was not on my seat much the entire ride. Second seat not as good, but I liked my rides enough to place it in my top ten on Mitch's poll!

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Given that 2013 was kind of a limited year for me in terms of theme parks visited, I didn't have a large selection of ride experiences to pick from.


3. Mean Streak - in the back row, with a friend who had never been to Cedar Point (or known of the pain and suffering that is riding Mean Streak.) Call me evil, but I couldn't stop laughing the entire ride from my friend saying "ow. dammit. what the ****. ow. why?" the whole time.


2. GateKeeper - I know this coaster (and wingriders in general) receive a lot of complaints about tight restraints, no forces, and whatever other nitpicky things, but just one ride in the front right seat was all it took for me. Absolute sensation of flying and just an awesome ride to ride at night. Also, back left seat gave some very nice airtime when I rode it on opening day, must have been the winds giving the train an extra boost


1. Viper Backwards (SFGAm) - Classic ride I've been on countless times, but the airtime was just taken to such an insane level with the trains backwards. Even after having ridden it so many times forwards, every single drop was loaded with airtime in the last row (technically the first on the forwards train) and caught my completely off guard. I seriously can't remember a time when I had as much fun on a roller coaster as I did when I rode Viper backwards the first time.

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