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The first & last coaster you will ride/rode in 2014?

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Friday night my last ride was two laps on Skyrush at closing. I likely won't be visiting any parks considering most close next week around here, so I'm gonna go with that as my last ride of 2014. My first ride earlier this year was Runaway Mine Train on opening day.


First ride of 2015? Likely El Toro on opening day.

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Runaway mine train?? :?


LOL I was there with a group of friends that included my other half who is sometimes funny about coasters and wanted a warm up, so we did RMT first, then Bizarro, then warmed her up enough to get her on El Toro. I would have went right for that but some people just can't jump right into the pool, they have to dip their toes in first.

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First coaster: Space Shuttle at Enchanted Kingdom January 2nd.


Last coaster: El Toro at SFGAdv November 2nd.


Not bad, started the year on what I consider my favorite standard Boomerang, and ended on one of the best coasters in the world (which was running awesome towards the end of the night). With the exception of February and March (and most likely December), I got to visit at least one park every month this year.

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On the 2nd page of the thread last December I said Nitro would be my first coaster of 2014 and that ended up being correct. I had hoped Nitro would also be my last coaster of 2014 but hearing how long lines were at Great Adventure today, I went to Dorney instead and Talon was my last coaster of 2014.

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