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The first & last coaster you will ride/rode in 2014?

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The first was Verbolten at Busch Gardens Williamsburg, and it might end up being the last, as that will probably be the only coaster open during Christmas Town.


But we'll see.

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Undertow at SCBB on May 30 was my first and Gold Striker at CGA on Sept 21 was my last. I'm not sure if Im going to go to any more parks this year or what my first coaster will be in 2015 but if I had to guess it would either be something at Disneyland, DCA, or USH.

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The first was Rock'n Rollercoaster at Disney's Hollywood Studios on September 14th, and the last was Manta at SeaWorld Orlando on September 25th.


I have to correct my own post as I had totally forgotten that I visited Tivoli Friheden during my trip to Denmark in April. Manta remains as my last coaster, but my first coaster this year was this piece of crap.


Cobra - Tivoli Friheden

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My first coaster this year was Lightning Run, at Kentucky Kingdom. My last coaster for the season was The Raven, at Holiday World Oct.11th. My first Coaster for 2015 will be Thunderbird, for season pass holders day, Friday April 24th.

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