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The first & last coaster you will ride/rode in 2014?

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2014 is coming to a close for 2015. And before we make way for next year, this thread will share what coaster you will be riding first and last in 2014. Only rule is that you will only say coasters that you know that you WILL ride first in 2014 and there is no real use of the word "maybe" in this thread. You can also post pictures if you want to. Coasters you have already ridden first and last in 2014 are acceptable for this thread.


So as the description is out of the way, I am planned to go to SeaWorld San Diego so Manta will be my first coaster in 2014. Although, I haven't planned to go on any last coasters for 2014.


And there are obvious reasons why I chose Manta over Atlantis.

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I imagine my first coaster will be something at Busch Gardens Williamsburg during Passholder Preview Weekend--shocking, I know. Then again, who knows where I'll be heading in the spring?

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