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I don't "get" standups

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I've ridden 2 stand-up's (Georgia Scorcher and The Former Chang while it was at KK). I love the compact design of the Scorcher and that first drop is amazing. I was completely blown away with Chang. I wasnt expecting it to be as great as it was. The loading process is horrible though, mainly because the GP dont take heed when the operator announces that the seats will lock in place; causing several minutes of locking and unlocking seat positions. I dont think I've ever seen a crew at the Scorcher NOT stack trains.


Me personally, I would like to see the Scorcher converted to a Floorless. I know it would be an expensive conversion (new trains, retractable floor) but im sure the load issues would be history with floorless operation.

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I've had varying experiences with standups. The larger B&M ones are my favourites such as Riddler's. Mantis wasn't as good but still enjoyed it.


Vortex at CGA and SFGA I hate with a passion.


Shockwave at Drayton Manor I enjoy whereas Shockwave at Kings Dominion I don't care to ride ever again.


So when I got to Standing Coaster at Rusutsu Resort I was dreading it but it was fine. The odd thing I noticed on that ride was that the height of the seat did not lock like all the others. You could feel the height vary as the ride cycled it's course. Especially weird throughout the loop. It felt as though you were getting stretched and the next moment squashed. Odd but cool.


I wish B&M would build a brand new standup, it would be great to see what they could do with one these days.

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