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Romon World to open in China

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I'm going to say 7.5/10 off the top of my head so far, although admittedly some of these are common to a few parks:


Inside looks very similar with the roof shape and the oval layout.

Indoor themeing seems similar

Outside is an island.

Pirate ship tucked up in corner of inside part with similar placements.

Both have triotech theaters.

Outdoor castle with monorail to the side that goes from the inside to the outside.

The log with mushroom kind of reminds me of the entrance to lotte worlds Underland area.

outdoor island consists of frisbee ride, tower ride, launched coaster and top spin (although Lotte World just removed wakiki wave)

egyptian themed area

both have indoor bumper cars adult version and kid version

monorail stations that start on the 3rd floor inside and go to the back outside

Indoor merry-go-rounds (starting to stretch)

indoor foam ball shooting areas (stretching)

Both have a kiddy suspended whip (again stretching)

Indoor looping coasters (Although Romon World wins that one on improvements both in theming and better roller coaster by the look of it)

Mr and Mrs mascots with top hat and bow (again stretching since thats most parks)

Indoor boat rides Lotte World has Sinbad and Romon has Poseidon (Now i'm Mr Fantastic since Poseidon might be different from a boat ride, i'm just guessing based on its location on the Romon World website compared to where Sinbad is at Lotte World. And Sinbad is kind of Lotte World's version of Pirates anyway but if Everland has a small world knock-off....)



roof and oval shaped inside


Monorail is just off to the right


indoor theming


Taken from www.detravelocity.com so you can compare to the island picture two pages back: frisbee, tower, spinning and launched coaster islands


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There are two big multimedia shows created by Emotion Media Factory:

"The Source of Light" show is about the adventures of two Romon panda bears “Romon” and “Romie”. The bears discover a magic ball inside the Romon park Pyramid. This magic ball is the “Source of all Lights” and takes the pandas on a journey through strange worlds. The different worlds are experienced by the audience through the combination of the multimedia effects. “Zheng He is coming”, the second multimedia spectacle tells the tale of Zheng He, a Chinese admiral and diplomat of the 15th century. Zheng He commanded massive expeditionary voyages to Southeast Asia, South Asia, the Middle East, and East Africa from 1405 to 1433.

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