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The Mitch Hawker 2013 Wood Coaster Poll Thread!

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Already submitted mine way in advance. Here's my extensive list:


1.) My Favorite Steel

2.) The Voyage

3.) Apocalypse

4.) The Grizzly

5.) Gwazi-Tiger

6.) Gwazi-Lion

7.) The Legend

8.) Racer

9.) Rebel Yell

10.) Raven

11.) Hurler

12.) Thunder Run (SBNO)

13.) American Eagle

14.) Twisted Twins-L (S)

15.) Twisted Twins-S (S)

16.) Georgia Cyclone

17.) Colossus

18.) Mean Streak

19.) Woodstock Express

20.) Grt Am Scrm Mach

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Today is as good a day as any to post the highlights and lowlights of my list. Hard to believe it's my fifth year voting!


Top 25

01. Boulder Dash

02. Coaster, Playland

03. Voyage

04. Phoenix

05. Giant Dipper, SCBB

06. American Thunder

07. Timber Terror

08. Outlaw Run

09. El Toro, SFGAdv

10. Tremors

11. Prowler

12. The Beast

13. Thunderhead

14. The Legend, HW

15. Cyclops

16. Tornado, Adventureland

17. HellCat, Timber Falls

18. Renegade

19. Lightning Racer L

19. Lightning Racer T

21. Comet, Great Escape

22. Wild One

23. Viper

24. Wooden Warrior

25. Yankee Cannonball


Hall of Shame

84. Hades 360

85. Hoosier Hurricane

86. Comet, Hersheypark

87. Georgia Cyclone

88. High Roller

89. Thunderhawk

90. Wildcat, LC

91. Hurler, Carowinds

92. Hurler, KD

93. Grizzly, CGA

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Here are my top 20 and bottom 4...


1. Phoenix

2. El Toro

3. Ravine Flyer II

4. The Voyage

5. The Beast

6. Raven

7. Cornball Express

8. Thunderhead

9. The Legend

10. Thunderbolt

11. Coney Island Cyclone

12. Viper

13. Santa Cruz Giant Dipper

14. Lightning Racer - L

14. Lightning Racer - T

16. Kentucky Rumbler

17. Silver Comet

18. Cedar Point Blue Streak

19. Stricker's Grove Tornado

20. Georgia Cyclone




49. Mean Streak

50. Predator

51. Kings Dominion Hurler

52. Carowinds Hurler

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Here's my list.


TOP 20:


1. El Toro @ Six Flags Great Adventure

2. Outlaw Run @ Silver Dollar City

* Favorite Steel Coaster (Expedition Ge Force @ Holiday Park)

3. Boulderdash @ Lake Compounce

4. Coaster @ PNE Playland

5. Colossus @ Heide Park

6. Voyage @ Holiday World

7. Phoinex @ Knoebels

8. Comet @ Great Escape

9. Raven @ Holiday World

10. Prowler @ Worlds of Fun

11. Cornball Express @ Indiana Beach

12. Viper @ Six Flags Great America

13. Hellcat @ Timber Falls

14. Renegade @ Valleyfair

15. American Thunder @ Six Flags St. Louis

16. Wooden Warrior @ Quassy

17. Wodan @ Europa Park

18. Legend @ Holiday World

19. Apocalypse @ Six Flags Magic Mountain

20. Yankee Cannonball @ Canobie Lake Park




73. Mean Streak @ Cedar Point

74. Grizzly @ California's Great America

75. Anaconda @ Walygator Parc

76. Wild Beast @ Canada's Wonderland

77. Bandit @ Movie Park Germany

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Top Twenty:

1 El Toro

2 T Express

3 Outlaw Run

4 Boulder Dash

5 Phoenix

6 Ravine Flyer II

7 The Voyage

8 Balder

9 Dauling Dragon-R

10 Dauling Dragon-L

11 Fireball

12 Troy

13 Wood Coaster

13 Gold Striker

15 Thunderhead

16 Colossos

17 Twister

18 Wodan TimburCoaster

19 El Toro

20 Tremors


Bottom Ten:

165 Tyrolean Tubtwist

166 Antelope

167 White Canyon

168 Hades 360

169 Kiddie Coaster

170 Magnus Colossus

171 Lil' Dipper

172 The Grizzly

173 Anaconda

174 Coaster-Express

175 The Bandit

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Congrats to Outlaw Run on getting 3rd place. Ahh, El Toro still at 1, just makes me really want to go ride it now


Also, glad to see Hades 360 towards the bottom of the list where it belongs.

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In my heart Hades 360 can burn in the deepest pit of hell.


For me, Outlaw Run and El Toro were so close (haven't ridden T-Express) and that must have been the case for many mutual riders. I'm surprised Balder doesn't rate higher, it's pretty bada$$).

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Some random early thoughts:


The 64 people who had ridden both "El Toro" and "Outlaw Run" were evenly split

with 32 preferring each coaster.

Makes sense, since I think they are very comparable, and I like them about the same. I ranked Outlaw Run just above El Toro but there are things I like better about each--setting and innovation of Outlaw Run; relentless speed from drop to brakes on El Toro. Clearly my personal rankings at a "mere" 8 and 9 did them no harm.


I had been most curious about Gold Striker, and it's nice to see it so high at #13, though that could be the "new GCI effect." I've heard a lot of glowing praise for it and no complaints, and I'm hoping its reputation holds up over time as more people get a chance to ride it (I haven't yet).


I'd been predicting a small ratings bump for Coaster since I noticed recent riders placing it very highly. I'm glad we were able to bring it up to #21 as it had seemed a little overlooked the last few years. However, not all rides that seemed highly praised enjoyed a similar bump.

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^^I personally prefer Colossos (Heide-Park) over Balder. Likely because I generally prefer steel coasters and Colossos just feels much like an Intamin steel airtime machine running quite smooth only that it was this time made of wood.


Honestly I even placed Twister (Gröna-Lund) over Balder as I liked the layout more as it is a wild and quirky ride - and the location is tops.


I will up my experience in US woodies hopefully next year with some north-east parks coming up for me...

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I had been most curious about Gold Striker, and it's nice to see it so high at #13, though that could be the "new GCI effect."

I would have to say this is probably exactly right. I really enjoyed Gold Striker and felt it was a solid ride. But it rode like many other GCI's in their first year, and then we've seen many of them drop. Case in point....


Prowler. Started off at #6 and is now #22

Troy. Started off at #4 and now is #12

American Thunder. Started at #15 and is now #37

Terminator. Started at #22 and is now #40

Renegade. Started at #19 and is now #27


I feel like everyone loves GCI's when they are new, but none of them seem to ever hold onto those spots. Not sure why. And I rarely ever feel like going back to one of those GCI's from a few years ago, they ride much different or have dramatically dropped in quality.

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Cheers for Outlaw Run and cheers for Hades360!!


This year's poll can kind of give a direction for those parks who are deciding which manufacturer should they buy woodies at


And it's kind of Interesting that both NTaG and Outlaw Run are on No.3 and topped by two Intamins. Can't wait to vote on this year's steel coaster poll!

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Why is the original Hades still on the poll at #31?


From Mitch


You may notice that there are two entries for Hades: Hades and Hades 360. Only "Hades" was on the ballot as I had

neglected to change the name to "Hades 360" before the poll started. It seemed that since the poll was under way, the

easiest fix would be to wait and change the name after all ballots had been received. Not wanting to waste the ranking

by people who had not ridden it this year, I left those as Hades, and changed the votes for all who had ridden it this year

to Hades 360. The interesting result is that the 70 voters who had ridden Hades but not this year ranked it very close to

where it finished last year at #31 whereas the 44 voters who had ridden it this year placed Hades 360 near the bottom

of the poll at #168. Hopefully, it can someday run again like the Top 10 ride it was in 2005, 2006, and 2007.

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