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Photo TR: San Diego Zoo and Sea World


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Great TR Robb! I'm glad you guys had such a good time.


Journey looks fun! I know it's not nearly as good as Florida, but it still looks fun.


And Elissa, I'm so glad you got your picture with Shamu! I know that face Elissa. (the OMG! Quick! Take this picture so I can run away and start laughing!)


Antonio" is going to see some sea creatures today!"G.

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Great TR, the world needs more shamu's



I just wanna say that the reason, i think, that they put in crappy atlantis is that they weren't allowed to put in the good one ( strange, no? ) it was something to do with height


oh, and shamu looked like she was missing a hand, so i feel kinda bad...

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We weren't following her, but we were nearly sucked in by the gravitational pull that such a large object creates!
It was just really good timing more than anything else. We saw the beast in the Penguin encounter (looking mighty hungry watching all the penguins BTW) and I made a comment about it. Then it just so happened about 15 minutes later she was walking right outside when I was taking photos of the exterior of the Penguin building!!!



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You know, I don't get the pick-on-the-overweight-people jokes!


I am, always have been, not too much I can do about it. So if I hang out at a park, minding my own business, are you going to take a picture of me and poke fun at me???


Sorry, just has to get that off my chest.


It's not funny to me.

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