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Theme parks and coasters in the snow

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Here's mine at home!!!!

Knoebels:   Kings Dominion: Hersheypark: Kennywood:

A few shots of Nitro this weekend doing what Nitro does: (From the Great Adventure Connoisseurs Facebook Page)

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I never knew Dorney could look so beautiful.


Besides not ever having to wait in lines, thats one thing I think Dorney kinda has going for it. Though I guess it is hard to say its a beautiful or charming park, but its an extremely clean, well kept park. Almost sterile in a sense.

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^^ omg I thought Flashback had been pulverized into the ground by now!


Looks nice in the snow, though.


Yeah, it is extremely dead and recycled into engine blocks by now. That picture is at least 30 years old.

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^^I'm a little shocked they don't at least cover the train!?!? Or have it in a maintenance shed?

That's what I was thinking. Can't think of why they'd want to keep that out intentionally throughout the winter.

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Can't think of why they'd want to keep that out intentionally throughout the winter.


My guess is that limited maintenance shop or storage space is the reason the train is left outside when it is not being worked on. It could have already underwent offseason maintenance program, but due to space constraints the practical step was to put it back into the station out of the way. I'm also curious why it is not covered, because of more delicate things like seat upholstery unless they use the hard foam that many parks elect to use (can't remember). However, the moisture content of the snow won't cause any significant rust or anything detrimental to PTC frames. The wood for the trains (I chuckle that PTC still uses wood) is so thickly coated in paint and clear coat that it shouldn't rot too easily, but it's still possible over time.


In the end Lake Compounce is not the first or last to leave a train outside in the snow. Heck, Cedar Point does it every year.

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