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Theme parks and coasters in the snow

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Just happened to be up in Buffalo this weekend and decided to head over to Niagara Falls to walk around. I did not realize that areas north of Buffalo had an ice storm Saturday night, so we stopped by Fantasy Island to snap some interesting shots in the parking lot and off the 190 entrance ramp.


Thought that this would fit this thread nicely!


The real Silver Comet!


I wonder what kind of airtime you'd get on that icy hill...that is, if you didn't...you know...crash and die.


This was the new racing slide the park got last year....grab a mat and let's go!


Toilet bowl wouldn't be too much fun in 32 degree weather....unless they would let you ride down in a sled or a toboggan!


First drop of the SC along with the crazy flat - Mind Warp. Have yet to ride that lil' demon.


Ice, ice baby.


Old school water slide tower...the one's that still have mats!


Frozen toilet bowl slide>Flying Turns?


More racing slide...imagine the airtime on this on a snow sled!


Loved the trees!




Front entrance.


Park from afar.


SF & SC.


Log flume of wet death & ferris wheel. Surprised that they don't remove the gondola's from the wheel.


Get your season fun pass now!


Flight...now that would be one cold, crazy ride!

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I would love to grab a sled and go down one of those water slides after an ice storm.


To be honest, I did take a sled down a giant slide one time when I was young and foolish. They used to have a pretty decent sized one at our local amusement park (the giant slide is no longer there) and a couple buddies and I decided to take some snow sleds down it one winter.


Needless to say, the airtime on the second drop was so insane that I came down HARD on the third drop, smashed into my buddies (we were trying to race) and I ended up getting a bloody nose along and we all ended up with minor bumps and bruises.


And I'll add my disclaimer here...


Not only were we trespassing on private property, but we could have been seriously injured. It's definitely something that I would NEVER recommend that anyone ever attempt. It was a really stupid thing for us to do!


Now if it were in a safer, more controlled (and legal) environment, I would love to see more ski resorts or parks make giant snow slides or bobsled- like rides! Our local ski resorts have snow tubing, but most of them are pretty tiny and cater to families with small kids...which is cool, but I wish that they would also build a couple of bigger one's for the adults.

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For some reason I'm kind of surprised that the Skyride buckets stay in the station during the offseason. It almost seems like they could just transfer them on and have the thing running in a few minutes if they wanted (though that's probably not the case).

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For some reason I'm kind of surprised that the Skyride buckets stay in the station during the offseason. It almost seems like they could just transfer them on and have the thing running in a few minutes if they wanted (though that's probably not the case).


I have been on a few winter tours of the park. and they have always been on the ground. I think they will remove them once they begin there season rehab.

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Recently I posted a Winter Photo Update of Waldameer, but the Ravine Flyer II pictures were during a thaw. Well since I was feeling in need of some exercise, I thought I would trudge through almost two feet deep snow in the midway, almost fall through the transfer track (snow hides some of the gaps), and make my way up for a real frozen and snowy lift walk.


A rare frozen shot of this famous lift hill view.


After almost slipping through the transfer track section. I honestly had second thoughts.


Doesn't appear so here, but I wasn't about to peer over much more as the steepness increases considerably with each step.


The thermometer reads, 16 degrees, but Ravine Flyer II still reads, 90 DEGREEEES!


Reverse Lift Hill Porn!

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How about Busch Gardens Williamsburg? These were taken during an unusual April snowstorm the year that Griffin opened.


Ironically, Alpengeist cannot be run in the snow.


Ludwig has real snow on his roof for a change.


A wee bit 'o' snow on Hummel Boy.


Yes, people were crazy enough to ride Le Scoot . . .


. . . and Pompeii.


View from the train.


A little snow didn't bother the Big Bad Wolf.

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