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Theme parks and coasters in the snow

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Here's mine at home!!!!

Knoebels:   Kings Dominion: Hersheypark: Kennywood:

A few shots of Nitro this weekend doing what Nitro does: (From the Great Adventure Connoisseurs Facebook Page)

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They weren't able to open for Christmas this year, but I've been at Santa's Village in New Hampshire while it's actually snowing.  And not only that, they'll run almost everything in the snow, including the coasters.  Emily and I rode Rudy's Rapid Transit Coaster in the snow while getting pelted in the face by snowflakes.  It was frigid to say the least!

Rudy's Rapid Transit Coaster Drop (Night 2).JPG

Skyway Sleigh (Night).JPG

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On 12/20/2013 at 10:20 AM, Double0Kevin said:

^ That does appear to be OTAG.


Love this thread idea. I've always thought it was cool to see coasters in the snow, seems oddly peaceful. Luckily I don't live in the snow [url=https://www.comparateur-dependance-senior.com/assurance-obseques-funerailles]convention obsèques[/url] (I'm not a fan) but that sadly mean I don't get to share any cool photos. Keep em coming though!

It has its good sides, but that also its bad. In any case, it's always great to wade through the snow.

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Wasn't there a thread in this site about home made, custom made, outdoor coasters, etc? Somebody help me with this?

^ You should post it, there. With stuff about how long you took, building it. Details, etc.

But not here. This is for those awesome snow shots, lol.


Postcard of Coaster, taken in Playland(PNE) during an especially "wintery day."

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