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Theme parks and coasters in the snow

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Here's mine at home!!!!

Knoebels:   Kings Dominion: Hersheypark: Kennywood:

A few shots of Nitro this weekend doing what Nitro does: (From the Great Adventure Connoisseurs Facebook Page)

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I was actually just thinking earlier that it might be kind of cool for a park with a bunch of money to make snow with the snow machines that the ski resorts use for certain sections of the park for the holiday events. Could also have an ice skating pond too. Obviously try to keep it from getting on the coasters, but that would be a cool (pardon the pun) way to go for the extra mile for the guests who are paying to go to a park where most of the coasters can't operate.

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^Everland does that to make snow slides for the guests and uses the freezing weather and them to manipulate and transform the panda area and safari rides: http://news.samsungcnt.com/everlands-snow-safari-welcomes-winter-fauna/







On my last winter visit to Fuji-Q they transformed the paddleboat area into an ice rink, not sure if they still do since it's been a long time since my last visit.

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^ And they said it couldn't be done...


That's awesome, I'd love to ride a coaster actually covered in snow.

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That Lightning Racer picture is great.

Southern PA is getting hit way harder than North West PA, we just got a few flakes today, there is probably very little snow on Ravine Flyer

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