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Theme parks and coasters in the snow

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Here are a few photos from December 2017 at Six Flags over Georgia. Snow events are always a big deal in the deep south and I was lucky to be able to get photos I never thought I could ever get in the Peach State! Of note I remember there was supposed to be a world record attempt at the largest snowball fight ever - using fake poly snowballs. How ironic it was canceled due to the real stuff being on the ground! Only in Georgia I suppose.... It was rescheduled for the following weekend. The 9-inches of snow really added a festive look to the entire park!


Snow in the "Georgia Christmas" area


Gotta love it when real snow covers up the fake stuff...


If this grand entry did not put someone into the Holiday mood, they probably did not have a pulse!

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^Maybe the ice (ahem) "coasted off"?


All that ice makes me sooooo glad we visited that park in the early summer, lol.


And hey - maybe they could have opened the park up, as "The World's Largest Ice Skating Rink"?


Just a suggestion. And thanks for posting those amazing photos!


Also, those photos of Arnold's Park look awesome, too! My partner grew up near this park, and

we'd visit Arnold's every time we visited with his family, in Iowa and Minnesota. Great little park!

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