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PHOTO TR: Delgrosso's Amusement park

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I really wish this park would get more recognition for their food.


They actually do a drive-thru type thing for Easter dinners. You can drive your car through to the back of the park, pay, and get a big Easter dinner. They say they go through over 2,000 dinners during the few hours they are open doing so. Really neat.

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I was just at a local Meijers store, and they carry the Delgrosso's spaghetti sauce. This is the fist time I have seen the sauce outside of the park.


I've found it in Williamsburg supermarkets, too.

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You can get the La Famiglia in places like Whole Foods and ShopRite here in the Northeast. It is the more expensive sauce, but man is it good.


Just a note about DelGrosso's for this year - the park will be getting rid of their arcade for 2014. They will no longer be leasing the space for the arcade and will be turning the area into a large gift shop.

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My mom will use ONLY Del Grosso sauces...


Anyway, hate to hear that Space Odyssey is gone. That caterpillar came from West View Park.


The only jarred sauces that come in to this house are DelGrosso's (I have a connection at the plant ) and Raos. Anything else is not good enough. We make our own gravy in this house!

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In 2012, there was a sign in front of the area indicating "construction for your future enjoyment", but this past summer the sign as well as the old queue line had disappeared:



I had also heard rumors of the go-karts and mini golf being removed for water park expansion, and there were two survey marks on the path to the bridge on that side.

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It seems like parks everywhere are getting rid of unique attractions in favor of cookie cutter rides. The exception being coasters and dark rides.


I agree with this but completely understand why they're doing it from a maintenance standpoint. The good news for people that live near Delgrossos is that they're between Knoebels and Kennywood which are both living museums of rare flat rides.

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Your actually able to buy it in the park as well.


That is true. It is easier to get it from my guy though


Do you have to meet him in dark alleys and give him unmarked bills in a brown paper bag?

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