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PHOTO TR: Delgrosso's Amusement park

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We took this trip to the park a few years ago, so the pictures are also a few years old.


Delgrosso's amusement park is located about an hour north of kennywood in west mifflin PA. It is not the worlds biggest and best park, but it was a lot of fun in the short amount of time we spent there. We actually made a pit stop to the park on the way home from Knobles park, and I am glad we did. I would deffinatly recommend checking this little park out if your in the area. It has a decent selection of rides, and a small waterpark for those hot summer days.


Admision to the park was free, and you can either buy an armband or tickets for the rides. We chose the tickets as we only had a short amount of time in the park. I can't remember how much the tickets were, but it was not that much and we were able to ride everything we wanted. The food was awsome. I would recommend the spaggetti, as the owners of the park also own a spaggetti sauce factory. It was delicious.


Onto the pictures.....




Are you wearing pants?


Small waterpark


Looking across the street at the park.


This is one of the parks 2 coasters....the wacky worm.



The park has a nice kids area loaded with kids rides.


Lots of classic kids rides


Outside of the kids area, the park has a nice selection of adult rides as well. This is the drop tower.


View of kids area.


The park also has a great food lineup as well.


In case you forget where you are, they remind you.


Games midway


View of the merry go round shelter.




Every good park has a tilt a whirl.


This was an interesting ride. It kind of reminded me of the indoor himalaya ride at Knobles


Inside of the ride. Since this picture was taken, I think they have removed this ride.


Here are some pictures of the spin and pukes the park offers.






Classic ferris wheel



I Love this ride. These are getting harder to find these days. This one looks to be in great condition.



I love the roulette theme of this ride.


Bumper cars


This is the star attraction of the park.


It's a crazy mouse


Lift hill porn


I love the theaming of the cars


The park also has a mini railroad.


Here is the train, and the field that the corkscrew coaster is supposed to be built in.



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Does anybody know if they are still planning on building the corkscrew coaster? The last that I had heard, was that they had it in storage.


They sent it off to Gloria's Fantasyland in Philippines. Under construction at the moment. http://rcdb.com/10581.htm


Always great to see some photos of the home park. The park is a nice place to walk around and spend a bit of time there, especially with their newer ARM drop tower.

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That's a bummer.


Any idea why they decided not to install it? Seems like it would have been a great fit for the park.


The footprint of the ride didn't fit in any of the open areas of the park. They had an idea that this was the case when they bought the ride, but after they surveyed the property, they realized it was the case, and they had disassembled the ride so well they knew they were going to be able to make a profit on the ride when sold.

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The park has talked about adding a wooden coaster in the near future. I am afraid though that a major new attraction would really put the final nail in Lakemont Park's coffin as it's only a few miles up the road and not as popular.


I know years ago there was a rumor that DelGrosso's was going to buy Lakemont and move their park there. I think that would have been ideal. DelGrossos's lacks space but has funds while Lakemont lacks funds but has space. DelGrosso's has at least 2 classic rides in storage that I would love to see reappear: a flying scooter and an Eli Ferris wheel.

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The park has talked about adding a wooden coaster in the near future. I am afraid though that a major new attraction would really put the final nail in Lakemont Park's coffin as it's only a few miles up the road and not as popular.


Lakemont needs to be put out of it's misery. Other than Leap the Dips and Skyliner that whole park can be bulldozed, I couldn't believe what a dump it was. I expected nothing from Del Grossos but was pleasantly suprised by how neat and clean the place is and by it's popularity. Every ride had a decent sized line even though the weather was questionable. Del Grossos is a great little family park.

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