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I think I just found Robb's worst nightmare!

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I'm not sure what's more disturbing, the brony porn, or that woman in love with 1001 Nachts.


LOL! I wonder whatever happened to her?


I was at Knoebels this summer and I didn't see anyone caressing, cuddling or making out with 1001 Nachts. Perhaps they split up when she left it for the Huss Rainbow that travels the PA carney circuit?

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I've seen these pony things all around the web in the form of memes. I've also seen a taboo episode on Nat Geo about "furries", which I thought was weird and a bit funny. But bronies? WOW. No grown man or woman should be THAT into a show for children.


Cheezus rice, brony porn!? I don't even....... just.... why?

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Let me make something clear...


I don't have an issue with Brony's, I have an issue with "Creepy" Brony's.


Ok, fine. I find the whole idea of an adult male heavily into a little girls TV show creepy, but it's really those SERIOUSLY CREEPY ones that really freak me out. We've had Brony's on our trips, there are even a couple that we hang out with, and as long as they don't mind getting poked fun at (I mean, seriously, you're a dude that likes a show aimed at little girls) we have a great time together. You HAVE to be able to laugh at yourself if you're into My Little Pony and you're NOT a little girl.


It's the ones that cross the line that REALLY bother me and those are the ones I complain about.


Example - We were at Build-A-Bear and some Brony's showed up wearing shirts and carrying their Pony stuffed animals. Hugging and kissing them like they were their girlfriends. (not making this up!) All of a sudden my six year old daughter was interested in what they were doing and one of them even started to talk to her. And since they were wearing something that was related to something she's into, she was more inclined to talk back.


I've seen Tumbr pages filled with fanmade "pony porn." (Search "brony porn tumblr" and be prepared!!!) People talking to their Pony's like they are actual humans. I've heard of people meeting up so that their pony's can hang out together.





And I wish more of the "Brony's" would understand this.


You cannot go around talking to strangers children because you're both into a TV Show. It's not appropriate to be wearing clothing or carrying stuffed animals that are going to attract attention of children!




Some of them don't understand this. And THOSE are the ones I have the biggest issue with.


And many of the Brony's I know actually DO understand this. And the ones that don't, well, stay away from me and my family. You're creepy.


--Robb "And that's my side of the story!" Alvey



Thank you for this entire post.

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I wasn't even aware that Bronys were people as well as some cartoon that I've never seen. I am aware of Furries and the creepiness that they exude, so I'd assume Bronys (Bronies?) are similar. Am I correct?


The last time I was at Kings Island there was a group of Furries walking around, with tails and dog collars and other ridiculous accessories. Three of the were teenaged boys (probably between 14-17) and one was a dude around my age (mid to late 30s). It was disturbing and made me feel really gross. I don't understand it.

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Just found some pics of a Japanese cartoon lover from Switzerland. Totally terrifying and much much crazier than those bronies... PM me if you want too see the picture because this is a PG-13 site


Well, if I can buy some new parts of a roller coaster, I would love to buy it as long as the price is reasonable. But I'm not going to be insane and make videos of me having sex with the wheels or take a lap bar to the public and ask it to marry me. I understand that they love something and it's important to them, but it just scare those who don't understand about it.


I googled bronies and it is truly gross. Don't google it.

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Cant really say I care, though of course there are the reeeeeeeally creepy ass bronies..


My main beef was how they literally took over the internet. ANYTHING you can think of, (roller coaster, ferrari logo, uh...bill cosby) name it and it's been bronie-fied already. Also it was such a hipster fad in real life, everyone was "into it" for the fact that college age guys were watching MLP just because.... but would never admit it, or they did it to impress their GFs

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