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Fraispertuis City (pronounced Fray-per-twee) is a friendly little French park nestled in some gorgeous hilly forests near the German border. We visited Summer 2016. They have a well-themed S&S El Loco and they were preparing for the installation of a new Intamin Drop Tower that opened in 2017.




and I'm sure no copyright infringement implied at all. . . . . I mean, that's CERTAINLY not Woody and Jessie in the front [emoji14]


Yeah, I can certainly see how one can draw that conclusion, but I actually think these are their "own characters", and I never made any Disney connection with these while we were there. Obviously these spokes-characters are not very original (the cowboy/cowgirl spokes-pair at Slagharen are at least raccoons!), but also not blatant copies of Disney IP. The park has a mostly "wild west" theme (very common in Europe), except for a pirate section (also so original), and these characters are used all over the park. And they're not "toys" but rather cartoons of "actual people", if that makes any sense. FWIW, they're definitely not as obvious as some characters we've seen at other parks, where Disney staples are literally copied and pasted all over the place. But hey, I could be wrong.

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I fell in love with this Coaster when I first visited in the 90s. It was season opening day, a news crew was there, the big dance hall was still standing, and the midway seemed to be lively and thriving. Get this credit while you can; it won’t be there forever.



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Arnolds Park Amusement Park, located on the beautiful shores of West Okoboji Lake in NW Iowa, has a classic family woodie and a nice collection of classic flats, including a rock-o-plane and a very small madhouse!b38dc61ed2d148d95bcc1d563c5fcc57.jpg



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