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Favorite On-Ride and Background Music?

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In terms of sheer excitement and "pump you up" factor, it's hard to beat this classic music.


Although my favorite ride music ever is Wicked Twister's station music. It's a super-sick DJ song by The Crystal Method called "The Winner"

Here's the full song.

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Millennium Force station music has got to be one of the most catchy in a good way. Maverick's theme gets a very honorable mention as well.


Each time I ride Jurassic Park River Adventure I get the theme song stuck in my head, but it's a pretty epic theme in my opinion.


I did enjoy Bizarro's (SFNE) soundtrack from the station through the lift with AC/DC, Eminem, and Led Zeppelin. The rest of the rest of the soundtrack through the gravity portion was forgettable.


Finally, the playlist of classic rock in Ravine Flyer II's queue and station does a great job of building excitement. I particularly like when Start Me Up by The Rolling Stones comes around.

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I love every single piece IMAscore has made! They really have made it big in the industry after publishing major parts of Helix's soundtrack, and it's no wonder. Their complex and epic melodies paired with talented orchestras just hit the spot for me! My favourites are Helix, Colossos, Flug der Dämonen and Kärnan:


(14:05 )



(1:57 sends chills down my spine every time)


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Flooded Mine's music gets stuck in my head. And now that I've written that, I'm humming the tune. It perfectly fits the ride, evoking both fun and carefree emotions as well as a sense of impending doom. For those who don't remember, in the original Flooded Mine, sans light guns, all the prisoners died and came back as ghosts to haunt the jailers who literally worked them to death. The present escape scene is certainly more family friendly, but I miss the original--made for a more dramatic story.

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Oh my gosh how could I forget!?

I totally forgot about Space Mountain when making my first post!

This music is just so beautiful to me. It puts me right back in Tomorrowland every single time. Easily the best ride music ever made.

It's just so "Disney" too if you know what I mean.


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Nemesis - Alton Towers

Euro Mir - Europa Park

Mystery Mine - Dollywood

Dinoconda - China Dinosaurs Park

Blue Fire - Europa Park

Helix - Liseberg

Valhalla - Pleasure Beach Blackpool


Overall best ambient sound is when inside Mysterious Island at Tokyo DisneySea.

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Yeah, I've only experienced a few with audio, and those are at least Rock'n Roller Coaster and Bizarro.


Bizarro got you so hyped at the beginning, and got tense on the way up, and epic the rest of the way! To bad you couldn't hear it from the drop until the S-Shields

I actually learned how to play the lift hill soundtrack on guitar *hell yeah*


I also learned Walk This Way, so that's cool too

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