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Westcoaster Downtime Announcement

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Okay people...


I wanted to let everyone know what was going on with Westcoaster. There's been a little bit of a problem with our hosting company. They've been moving all of their Domain Name Servers into a centralized arrangement. In the process of moving everything, they accidentally moved our domain information to an older machine that apparently still had our site on it (but not updated since 9/19). So this is why the site is not functioning properly or the community isn't up. Currently a few people can still access the site. But it will be incremental over the next day or two until everyone can see the correct site.


I'm very, very sorry for the inconvenience we're all dealing with. But thankfully, my biggest fear of the site getting wiped out or anything like that hasn't been realized! So right now it's just a waiting game until the DNS servers for everyone's web providers update until you can see the site again! Thanks for your support and patience.


Jim "I'm so annoyed with my web host" Disney

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First off... I have to get this off my chest; F**K LYPHA!!


That felt good... words are completely worthless in conveying my overall dissatisfaction with our web host recently. I think with these guys we've actually suffered more downtime than in the previous 3 years. So for those of you who can see the site; congrats... if you're in the boat with the rest of us... just remember kids, never... EVER use http://www.lypha.com for your hosting needs unless you plan on dealing with at least one major downtime a month.


Again, sorry for the downtime problems... but thanks to those of you who've sent some very nice e-mails. Hopefully this won't last much longer...

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