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(NL) Bandit Run

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This is Bandit Run (Creative name, I know haha). It is a Rocky Mountain topper track coaster. It features a terrain hugging layout of around 3,700 feet with three inversions and high speed pacing. This is the second coaster I've built since coming back to No Limits after a several year hiatus so the detail beyond the coaster itself is lacking but it was more of an experiment than anything. The ride is also entirely hand built and I'd say came out pretty smooth considering. I hope you enjoy the track and let me know what you'd like to see as an improvement so I can consider it for my next coaster.




And here are some promotional photos of the ride in action.





Photo 1







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Sweet. Very much looks and "rides" like an RMC Iron Horse Track coaster. I really like the placement of the elements, especially the tunnel. The only change I'd maybe recommend would be the wave turn hill. The only existing one on Outlaw Run is very much like a sideways bunny hop, with floater airtime (seriously) where the one on this coaster is fairly flat. Other than that, it's perfect, and I'd still ride it as is, if it were a real coaster. Good job.

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Thanks for the feedback guys.


I agree with the wave turn suggestion. I'm not overly fond of how that element turned out. It definitely needs to be more of a sideways hill than it currently is.


As for the support structure I'll admit that was mostly due to laziness in wanting to just get the ride finished and not build a custom wood support structure. I was testing it out to see how it would turn out and I'm not entirely sold it looks good.


Thanks again for the feedback.

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