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Burgers VS Burritos?


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^Probably not as bad as the deep friend Twinkie burger...the look on the woman's face says it all!


I myself would prefer the second 'Das Burger'...that looks amazingly good!


I would have the same look of apprehension!


Now this looks interesting!

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I guess it really depends on where you get them. In Australia we are limited in range for burritos but they are not those tacky ones you get from Taco Bell (back when we had Taco Bell in Australia in the mid 90's... kinda miss it a bit) So I would go with a nice burger just because they are more consistent and have a bit more variety. And well, gourmet burgers have really taken off in my home town over the last few years. Still think the best one I had was a pulled pork with apple chutney burger with lettuce and tomato... so good!

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Round 1: Flatulence


Burritos give me gas but burgers are practically laxatives. Winner- Burrito!


Round 2: Taste


You can make burritos out of pretty much anything, but in my opinion, nothing beats that good old hamburger taste. Winner- Burger!


Round 3: Marketing


Hardees/Carl's Jr. makes those commercials with those really hot chicks eating hamburgers. Burrito related commercials show a guy named Ronald McDonald eating a breakfast wrap. Winner- Burger!


The winner is the Burger!

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Burgers for me, no question! (Even though I do like a good burrito)


There's a local place that has popped up in the Pittsburgh area named Burgatory and it is pretty much burger perfection. You can customize your own creation, from beef to bison to wagyu beef to veggie.....with ridiculous amounts of toppings! And their shakes?? Holy crap! Mmmmm, Burgatory


Now after all that talk, I need to head there for a burger!

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^Thanks for sharing...this place sounds great. We'll definitely have to check it out the next time we go to Pittsburgh.


This one might be a good add-in for the 'good eating near theme parks' thread if there is one fairly close to Kennywood?

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^^ That place's burger menu looks a-ma-zing!


Then those shakes.......wow.


Damn, on the other side of the world, for me.

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