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Burgers VS Burritos?


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Kristen loves this thread! Teen Titans is one of her current favorite shows!





Did you watch the video in the first post? This was taken from KT's show! It's a pretty popular new 8 - 10 year old age group show. Kind of funny sometimes for adults too.

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This may be the most important debate of our time.


I've seen burgers elevated to a much higher level (Minetta Tavern Black Label Burger, Spotted Pig burger with Roquefort, a billion other NYC places using Pat LaFrieda beef, etc.) than burritos. This is not to say that burritos could not be taken high end. Just that I've never seen it. I love burritos, but they seem to be more of a utility/stuffing-the-herd type food than burgers at present. Though many places make obnoxiously large burgers to the same end.


I'm going with burgers for now because the burger game has been stepped up a lot recently, while the burrito has been left more humble. I would be more torn if the question were burgers vs. real mexican style tacos (double wrapped corn tortillas, cilantro, salsa verde, etc.).

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Burritos for me, I like burgers (and am on a Five Guys fix right now, I'm sure it'll die down eventually) but the slow cooked burrito fillings are awesome. We're also getting more burrito places in the UK so they're becoming more accessible as well

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This is a tough call and it highly depends what mood I'm in, but I'm going to have to go with burgers. I don't like cheese and I can see what's in a burger while I can't see what's in a burrito until I've bitten into it. For Mexican food I prefer tacos as I can have several with different meats/toppings on each as opposed to one burrito with the same meat/toppings. If the topic were Burgers vs. Tacos I might go with tacos.

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