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Burgers VS Burritos?


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What about the Burgerito? That is, all the fixins of a burger, wrapped cozy in a tortilla? That get's my vote!


In all seriousness though, I'm an exotic burger guy. I'd rather some crazy type of meat, such as elk, buffalo, lamb over traditional beef.

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Wow, tough choice there!


If I had to vote against what I have had in restaurants & food trucks here in Western NY, I would go with the burger...but only if the burger was as awesome as the one we had at Grover's in Buffalo or the peanut butter and bacon jam burger from the Roaming Buffalo food truck at the Taste of Buffalo two years ago.


It's hard for restaurants to get a burger right for me because I prefer mine to be medium rare to medium in the middle and nice and char-grilled/crunchy on the outside. Funky ingredients obviously help as I am not a standard ketchup, mustard, relish, onion tomato guy.


Keep in mind that being in WNY, it's not easy to find a good burrito. Some in Buffalo would say the local chain, Might Taco is a cult favorite although I have only eaten there once (a long time ago) and tend to stay away from fast food unless I'm traveling.


I have made homemade burritos at home from online recipes and they have turned out pretty good. But I will say that it's very difficult to find those real authentic Mexican flavors (that are prevalent in the Southwest US & Mexico) here in WNY.


Grover's awesome burger


Best burger (slider) I have ever had: PB & bacon jam (WTF burger) at the Roaming Buffalo food truck in Buffalo, NY. Looks disgusting, taste's awesome.

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Burrito's definitely when outside of my neck of the woods (like others said in the south they are awesome!)


Here in the Mid-West I still have to give it to Burger's because of this one special place - Blimpy Burger. Haven't been back since August when I found out they had to move out of there due to the University buying the property


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Burgers, all the way! I'll take a burger at pretty much any restaurant that offers 'em, no matter what else they serve (unless I'm in the mood for grilled cheese). I'm leery of burritos, but mostly because I hate lettuce, so I don't mind putting together my own. When I get Mexican, it's nachos or quesadillas. Or a burger off the gringo menu!

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I must admit that I"m more of a burger man, but I do appreciate a good steak burrito.


But there's just something about a bacon cheeseburger with chopped bell pepper on it.


It could be that burgers are just easier to do well than burritos--at least for me.

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