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Photo Trip Report: Wild Adventures


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Wild Adventures theme park in Georgia has been on my park bucket list for years now. I am not sure why we never stopped by this park(as it's on the way to Florida), but this time around we made sure to swing by.


My first impression of this park were that it would be a small park like Michigans adventure, but it ended up being bigger. The park was very clean, and the employees were very friendly. This park had 7 coasters, but two of them were not operating when we were there. And of course they were the two coasters I was looking most foreword to riding. The two coasters were cheetah and vikings fury.


I was able to do the rest of the coasters, and check out a few of the parks shows. The shows were a lot better than I thought they would be. The magic show was fun, and the tiger show was great as well. I would recommend checking them out. The park also offers many animal exibits and a safari train ride. The bird house was a lot of fun as well. You can buy a cup of bird seed and feed the birds as you walk thru the bird house.


Well enough chatter, onto the pictures.......


This is where we are today.


If you need tickets, this is where you need to go. I bought my tickets off of theme park review at a discount.


Here is a map of the park.


We were some of the first people in the park. The park never did get very buisy.


Our first ride of the day.


Its a typical mouse coaster. This is the same coaster from the movie "zombie land" where the zombies were getting shot up.


Next up is the parks roller skate coaster.


My daughter lover this coaster.


She also loved the slide. I thought this had a differant name?


An alpine bobs ride themed to a safari.


I only did it because I needed the credit.


A typical boomerang coaster.


At least it's nice to look at.


Station shot.


Random park shot.


Here is one of the animal displays in the park.



I was looking forword to riding this later.


No matter how hard I try, I can never get a snap.


The rattler



I could not think of a good caption for this picture....any suggestions?


The sidewinder.


Next up was the parks slc coaster.


Lift hill


Very light crowds= no lines




Next up.....


Not sure, but I think this may be a miller coaster?


But it was not to be.....


That's too bad, because it looked like a fun ride.


The parks wooden coaster was closed for the day as well.


It looked like a decent woody.


I did see some workers welding durring the day.


Nice looking ride.


The safari train


Lots of animals and things on the safari.....


It was not nearly as good as animal kingdoms safari ride, but fun none the less.


Bumper cars!!!


The bird house was really cool. Be warned though......you will get attacked by the birds.


The tiger show lets you get up close to the tigers.



This looked like balls out fun, but it was not open.


The swamp thing coaster. Not sure why I did not take any pictures of the coaster, but it was a typical kiddy vakoma hanging coaster.


I did get a shot of the station.


Magic show time, and of course my daughter gets picked to join in.


This was a really fun water ride, but a bit short.


Tiny rafts.


Another ride from the zombie land movie.


This was my daughters first s&s tower ride.


At this time the sky opened up, so what better than to grab a bite to eat.


Can anybody guess what we got?


Tail spin is the parks new ride.


I find the disco rides fun.


This ride seems to be a new staple at a lot of theme parks these days.


There is also a petting farm to check out.


We hit the scrambler on the way out of the park.


That's it from wild adventures theme park. I hope you enjoyed my trip report.

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This looks like a very nice park...wonder if there is a reason why we never hear much about it (IE: out of the way, over-priced, no good coasters, proximity too close to SFOG, PETA gave it a bad rap, etc)?


I'll definitely have to check this place out the next time we make it down to Georgia.

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It's a decent park worth checking out. Just don't go in expecting a ton of mega coasters and you will have fun. It has an almost perfect location for a theme park(right off of I-75, just north of Florida), but I think it's downfall is the fact that it is close to Florida and the mouse.


In my opinion, this park has one of the best flat ride collections that you will find at any theme park.

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^ Since when does anyone ever listen to what PETA has to say?


Real life Rock'em Sock'em Robots? Sign me up.


I just had to throw that in there in light of all the Sea World bashing going on over Blackfail.


^Thanks for the info and posting the report, David.


I think this looks like a very charming park with a lot of various cool flat rides, coasters and animals, although I am a bit intrigued as to why this place doesn't get a little more press despite the proximity to the Florida border and WDW. It certainly seems that they have poured quite a bit of money into theming and attractions.


It sorta reminds me a little of the Columbus Zoo, albeit with more emphasis on amusement rides and coasters than animals. And what enthusiast could say that would be bad thing?

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This looks like a very nice park...wonder if there is a reason why we never hear much about it (IE: out of the way, over-priced, no good coasters, proximity too close to SFOG, PETA gave it a bad rap, etc)?


I'll definitely have to check this place out the next time we make it down to Georgia.


Really? Because I make sure to check out whatever PETA gives a bad rap to. Usually it turns out to be a good experience. Out of the way? Not necessarily, it's right on the way to Florida. If proximity too close to SFOG is a problem, then why are parks like White Water and Lake Winnie still successful? As for coasters, Cheeta and Viking Voyage are nice, and the SLC is one of the smoothest out there.

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Both were down for maintenance.


From what I could tell, cheetah had some welding going on and viking fury had what looked like the lift motor being worked on. It was kinda odd that they would both be down the weekend before the forth of July.

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Even though it's right off of I-75, I believe that most people that travel that road looking for theme parks are on there way to Florida. That's a shame, because it's such a nice park and more people should check it out.


It definitely looks like it's an underrated park. I'll have to get out there one day.

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A few more random pictures of the park.....


Pirate boat ride


Safari jeep ride


Nobody looks like they are having a good time.


They also had a kids science show


Lift hill yummyness



Looks really steep from this angle.


It was hard to get a good shot of this coaster.


Even the line had a cover over it.


There was a cage on the back of this truck that looked as if it would hold a tiger in it for a great photo. No tiger today though.




That's all I got for you. Hope you enjoyed.

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^Okay, then I won't talk about blackfish since I've never seen it and don't want to . . .


I've been to this park once in 2003 on my way home after two week in Florida and I made two mistakes during my visit: One, it was Labor Day weekend; and two, Hank Williams Jr. was performing that night. In other words, the park got CROWD-DED!!!


Ten years later and I can see how much the park was changed. Thanks for a great trip report.

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