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X-MAS Gift for the Alveys!

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Hey TPR Members!


Since it is that time of the year where everyone starts buying gifts for each other, I would like to use that chance to give TPR and its bosses Robb and Elissa something back! It's not a multi-million-dollar present, but it's something that comes from the heart. I'm pretty sure that all of the TPR members, registered in this forum, highly appreciate the work and efforts Robb and Elissa put in that UNIQUE coaster page! It's not only the forums they manage, it's so much more: TPR tours, CLUB TPR, Media events, coaster footage and a PRIVATE family life! So much stuff to do throughout the year! With this thread I want to start something that has never been done before I think! I would like ALL of the TPR members to post a BIG THANK YOU photo that reflects your passion for Theme Park Review. Explain why you are thankful for TPR. Give reasons for your TPR craziness! Doing this, should be a great X-MAS present for Robb and Elissa and I'm pretty sure that we can collect some really nice stories why TPR means so much to us!


I say THANK YOU to Robb and Elissa, because you guys ROCK! You have the KNOW-HOW to make every single trip unique and I think I do not exaggerate saying that you are so much service and client orientated, because each us, to some point at least, had to ask trip or park related questions and you always had an answer! Thank you for being how you are and everyone outside of these forums who complain about you, SUCKS! The day I signed up to TPR was the day where it changed my coaster life! From the first moment I entered the TPR family, I became part of the gang! I never felt excluded! Thank you!


Have a wonderful X-MAS!


And last but not least, my photo!



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Marcel is right, Robb and Elissa both do an amazing job. The experiences I've had on my two TPR tours are unforgettable. The only "effort" I've had to make on those trips was to not be late for the bus. Also, this has to be one of the best moderated forums on the internet. Props to all the mods for that as well.

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A big thank you to Robb and Elissa for all that they do!!!!

I've never been on a TPR trip but still follow closely through the Trip posts and hopefully in the next few years I can actually go on one.

Although I've never been on a TPR trip I buy the DVD's and BluRays because they're the best in the business, the closest thing to being there, and I'm a Club TPR member because it supports a great group and my love of coasters!


Thanks again for all that you all do Robb and Elissa!!!!


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Thank you Robb and Elissa!


Through the years, your forum was in my pocket everywhere I traveled and I read quite a lot as well as have enjoyed all the vids. I've already tried to join a few TPR trips with my fascination of Japan and Scandinavia - hope to finally figure out the logistics and get time off with work.


I finally caved and signed-up to thank you both - enjoy the holidays.

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I'll give a BIG THANKS! I've been a forum member for only a short time but I get a bulk of my news and park goings on from TPR. Hopefully one day I'll get to join up for a meet, since I live in Florida myself not far from where the Alveys reside. Merry Christmas Robb and Elissa.

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I can say that Theme Park Review has to be the hands down best coaster site for everything. We have amazing news coverage on all new coasters, everyone who is being creative on the game exchange. I just thank you both Robb and Elissa for giving us such great events to attend year after year. I can't wait for 2014, lets make it a big year for TPR everyone. Happy holidays to you all as well.

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Even though I mostly read, I really appreciate the job you guys do with this site. One day I hope to more directly support you guys by going on a trip, but for the time being my Club TPR membership will hopefully suffice!


Merry Christmas to everyone here on TPR!

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TPR is my favorite website, period. I just want to thank Robb and Elissa for being awesome and posting trip reports, filming awesome POV's, and making this website and forum the best one out there. One day I will go on a TPR tour (it's on my bucket list!), and I can't wait until that day arrives.


Thanks so much!

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