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Where Are You Planning To Go In 2014?

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I have already done a dissertation study trip to Efteling in early January for 4 days, and went to Alton Towers in April.


I have upcoming:



Magic Kingdom


Animal Kingdom

Disney Hollywood Studios

Universal Studios Orlando

Islands of Adventure

Sea World

Thorpe Park (possibly)

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RIght now here's how it stands:



Silver Dollar City

Miner Mike's, Osage Beach, MO


In the Planning Stages:

Six Flags St. Louis

Six Flags Great America



Santa's Village/Azoosment Park

Kiddie Park, Bartlesville, OK

Bell's Amusement Park

Route 66 Carousel Park


Iffy But Would Be Nice:

Frontier City

Here's an update. All is going well with plans for this year, and we should be able to hit nearly everything on the list.


Already Visited:

Silver Dollar City

Miner Mike's, Osage Beach, Mo.

Six Flags St. Louis

Route 66 Carousel Park



Six Flags Great America

Santa's Village/Azoosment Park

Kiddie Park, Bartlesville, Okla.

Bell's Amusement Park


Probably Not This Year:

Frontier City

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My plans have changed quite a bit since my last post. This is how it looks now:


Canada's Wonderland (have already been twice)

California's Great America

Six Flags Discovery Kingdom

Oakland Zoo

Pixieland Amusement Park

Gilroy Gardens

Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk

Castles n Coasters


Buffalo Bill's

Stratosphere Tower

Six Flags Great America (wasn't originally intending to visit this year but Goliath has made it necessary)

Liseberg (this one's still tentative, but I'm hoping...)


and the back up plan if Liseberg falls apart will be Silver Dollar City/Worlds of Fun/Six Flags St. Louis

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Well with the main travels done for this year depending on weather some short breaks:


Gentlemen Tour - last week in Sept I always do with old friends from school - either to Nuremberg/Oktoberfest or London/Thorpe/Chessington


- daytrip to Serengeti-Park Hodenhagen - Safari Park with some rides and two family coasters

- Holiday-Park for its new coaster

- Denmark/Jütland for Skara and Faarup Sommerlands

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