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Photo TR: WFChris's Mexico Trips!

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Those who have been on all three of what most people think to be Schwarzkopf's greatest (Galaxyland Mindbender, Montana Infinitum, Olympia Looping) which would you say is the most intense, or are they all pretty much the same?

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^ For myself, I still think that because it's enclosed, Mindbender feels the most intense to me.

Not just the speed and loops, but the sound is intensified as well, and that makes

it pretty omg awesome to ride!

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Those who have been on all three of what most people think to be Schwarzkopf's greatest (Galaxyland Mindbender, Montana Infinitum, Olympia Looping) which would you say is the most intense, or are they all pretty much the same?


First off, let me state I'm not a Schwarzkopf fanboy. I actually don't understand why people go all gaga and jizz whenever they hear Anton's name.


I really enjoyed my rides on Galaxyland Mindbender, that was the only one of the three that I wanted to constantly reride.

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^ For myself, I still think that because it's enclosed, Mindbender feels the most intense to me.

Not just the speed and loops, but the sound is intensified as well, and that makes

it pretty omg awesome to ride!



Says the guy that lives in Canada! LOL, but seriously, I those that I spoke to that had ridden both say the Mindbender is crazier.


And Larry, you're right. It will make finally riding it that much better!!!!

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^I DID ride it on the TPR tour, so it's no longer a 'credit' as much as it's a 'coaster I really liked.' But nonetheless, now that it's become a game, I see no problem with stopping by La Feria each time I'm in Mexico City. It's pretty easy-ish to get to, and if it IS open, an unlimited ride admission is around US$15. Totally worth it.

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Of the four parks we visited last year, I think my fave was La Feria park.

Built on levels, which helps with exercise, and some neat rides to go

on, and as well a good coaster selection.


And friendly clowns! I would actually choose it over Six Flags Mexico,

just because it feels like such a "friendly local park" with everybody there.


Speaking of friendly clowns - here's Marvin and me! A sweet guy he was.

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I never thought I'd say this, but I really want to visit Mexico now. I'd heard it was 100% drug cartels and poverty. Glad to see that's far from the truth!


Mexico has its problems like any other country, but there are many wonderful places to visit and the people are really incredibly nice. In a weird way, I enjoy the fact that Mexico City and Guadalajara are kind of off of the map of American tourists. It's nice to explore the cities and not be surrounded by tourism gimmicks and white people. As far as safety goes, I know I've mentioned this before, but I feel safer and more secure in (the parts of) Mexico City (that I visited) than I do in Downtown Los Angeles, where I work.


Of the four parks we visited last year, I think my fave was La Feria park.

Built on levels, which helps with exercise, and some neat rides to go

on, and as well a good coaster selection.


And friendly clowns! I would actually choose it over Six Flags Mexico,

just because it feels like such a "friendly local park" with everybody there.


Bill, I like it too! However, based on my last few visits, it's proven to be a bit un-reliable as to having all of the rides operating...or even being open at all! I have never been in a scenario like the one I experienced. It was totally weird standing there watching confused families get turned away at the gate 3 hours before it was supposed to close. Who knows if it was even open earlier. Yet another moment where if I knew a little more Spanish, I might have been able to get an explanation. Oh well!

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  • 3 months later...

I just wanted to post a quick update! I went back down to Tijuana last week and stopped by Mundo Divertido.


If you missed my previous, more comprehensive update from Mundo Divertido, click HERE to check it out.


The park is still there and doing well, and everything was operating, including the 'people mover' that went from the park to the parking lot and through the mall. We opted for a 1 hour pass for MX$150, which allowed unlimited use of all the attractions, as well as one round on each the bumper boats and the go karts. The hour was more than enough to enjoy everything in the park, and in the last 10 minutes, we started a round of Mini-Golf, which was included. The golf course started out strong but was nothing special.


We also played some of the redemption games inside, which were completely random with their payouts. With the skeeball, my friend got a better score than I but only got 2 tickets while I got 7. One game didn't dispense tickets at all. Deal or No Deal gave us too many. Regardless, it was a good time and many of the machines were only one coin, which was really nice. US$5 went a long way.


Also, this time we took a taxi from the Revolucion area, and it was MX$60 going to the park, and MX$80 coming back.


I kinda love Tijuana


Looking at Mexico from the USA. I seem to always snap this picture on the way in, all touristy.


Took a spin on the go carts. There's this wonderful bump right before a long turn that allows you to slide around it if you time it right. They give you about 10 minutes of driving time, which seems long.


This terrible picture cannot be un-seen. But Indio makes everything better, and dinner was freakin awesome. Those sweaters behind me were US$11.


Headed back to Revelucion for dinner before heading back to the states. It was hard to not get drunk and stay the night like I had in the past. Seriously difficult.


Took a few rides on the Wild Mouse (ride op was a beautiful human being), good times :)

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  • 7 months later...

Greetings, Amigos!

I just returned from another epic trip to Mexico! (I went on my own trip this time, not with the TPR Group). This time I spent some time in Mexico City, Puerto Vallarta, and Guadalajara...with most of the time spent in Guadalajara. I'll get to that on the next update, because the focus of this one is going to be Six Flags Mexico! More specifically, Medusa! I already have posted a gazillion pics of Six Flags Mexico, and Cliff posted a bunch on his recent report, so I mainly have pictures of Medusa Steel Coaster. Sit back, enjoy, and COMMENT!


Also, if this is your first read by me and/or you enjoy this report, you can read a TON more about Mexico by checking out my ongoing adventures by clicking page one of this report or hitting this handy dandy LINK!


Off to Mexico! Aeromexico still provides free meals, drinks, and booze to all passengers!


And I'm back at the Angel! Probably my favorite monument in DF.


In Mexico City, Quedadillas don't come with cheese unless you specifically ask for a 'quesadilla con queso.'


Here is a random flat next to the queue for Kilahuea.


...and here is Kilahuea.


They have these little awnings over the queue and ride op stands. The ride ops also wear hard hats.


Here is the beginning of the mile long queue for Medusa Steel Coaster. The old crooked house was repurposed into the queue and is really cool.


These are the special guests that have lifetime Flash Passes. Seriously :p


As you leave the house, you round a corner headed to the rest of the queue.


...and at that point the views of the ride really start to open up. This is the first drop!


This is how you ride, en espanol!


Medusa Steel Coaster is pretty much nothing like the original wood coaster.


It hauls through the entire course in just under a minute from the top of the lift.


This was my first RMC and it was AWESOME!!!


Cut me some slack, the sun is in my eyes :)


The lift is kinda the same as the old ride, but that is where any similarities end.


The queue provides many vantage points to enjoy views of the ride. It literally twists right through the middle of the course.


It certainly builds anticipation for when you finally ride.


If the entire queue was actually full, I would imagine it to be a 7-8 hour wait.


This is the twist at the very end of the ride.


So cool!!!!


This is the new entrance to the ride, the old one required you to enter and exit through the gift shop.


And here is just the general area around Medusa Steel Coaster. Six Flags Mexico is a beautiful park!


Just a random picture from the smoking area...Medusa towers over the entrance area of the park, as it is up on a hill.


You know you're in Mexico when there are arches everywhere!


Totally bought the onride photo. This is the first time my friend put his hands up on any coaster! The "Oh Sh*t Handle" on RMCs don't provide too much comfort so these rides are pretty much made for putting your hands up and enjoying!!!


Got tacos again, and they didn't dissapoint! Some of the best Six Flags food I've had!


Ambience shot from the taco restaurant. Arches!


The entrance area of the park is just so beautiful.


Don't worry, I will!


I did the math when I was there, I think it came out to about $75 US for the year for the food pass.


Near SFM, there are lots of strange sculptures. We learned that these were all gifts to Mexico from other countries for the Olympics when they were held in Mexico City.


This is apparently the only Greek Style theatre in all of North America? Latin America? Don't remember but it was neat.


Stopped by Frida's house again...always a good visit.


Also stopped by UNAM, which is an enormous College in Coyoacan.


We went back to Xochimilco as well, and found this cute little rides area near the canals.


Look at all those safety fences...watch your head!


Mexico City used to be on a lake, canals were the way to get around. Xochimilco is one last neighborhood south of Mexico City that has preserved the canals for future generations to enjoy. It is impossible to escape history in Mexico.


If you had too many cheladas, you better watch your step or you might get whacked by a barrell!


...went to the Zocalo during the day, it was pretty hot out but wonderful nonetheless.


This was finally my first visit where there wasn't some kind of huge display in the middle of the square. This is the 2nd largest public square in the world!


There is always some action going on down these paseos between the Zocalo and the Palace of the Arts. Lots of excellent people watching.


This is the view from the Castillo, which has also become a favorite plcae to visit. It's hard to get above the city and this is a ncie peaceful way to do it.


Looking down Reforma, one of the most important streets in Mexico City.


And now BAM we're in Puerto Vallarta! This is all you're going to see from there though, as I thought it was kinda lame. Next up, Guadalajara! Did I get to ride the Bullet? We'll find out soon! Post some COMMENTS or you may never know!

Edited by WFChris
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I miss my beeetyoootiful #600 sweetie...now ReBorn!!!



So glad Mexico is a touch closer than overseas, lol.


Great Update, Chris! You look happy enough.

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Great update, Chris! Medusa Steel looks simply amazing! Although it's a shame they converted the crooked house (or whatever it was called) into the queue, I'm so glad you don't have to walk through that damn gift shop to get to the queue. Does it still exit through the gift shop?

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^^Thanks, Bill!


^Yes, the queue exits into a photo purchase area and then into the gift shop. I want to say it's the same exact old path but I'm not sure. The old queue block is now AFTER a 5 minute walk through the crooked house and around the ride structure. One of the longest queues I've ever seen!

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^^Thanks, Bill!


^Yes, the queue exits into a photo purchase area and then into the gift shop. I want to say it's the same exact old path but I'm not sure. The old queue block is now AFTER a 5 minute walk through the crooked house and around the ride structure. One of the longest queues I've ever seen!


Nice report! I had a great trip down to Six Flags Mexico this weekend. Medusa's line is giant...it was an hour wait Saturday and the line wasn't until the switchbacks in front of the station...can't imagine a full queue! Luckily with flash pass you get to go right to the station after the tilted house, but man I got tired walking through that house each time!

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Mikey, we flew from city to city. You can find flights for around US$60 if you keep an eye on Interjet and Volaris. In the cities, we use a combination of the metro, busses, taxis, and uber. The Mexico City Metro is extremely efficient and can get you close to both of the parks. In Guadalajara, a great Microbus line gets you from the Centro to just outside of the zoo and moves faster than normal traffic. It's all very affordable as well!

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And now the stunning conclusion of my most recent, kick ass trip to Mexico!


If you missed the start of THIS trip, which was Six Flags Mexico and Medusa, click here to see that report! If you want to read all kinds of awesome reports about Mexico in the last 2 years, click page ONE of this thread!


Yeah, I mentioned that we went to Puerto Vallarta. Unless you go to Mexico to hang out with Canadians and overpriced food, I don't really recommend it.


So onwards! Welcome back to Selva Magica!


A few changes have been made since my last visit, the Platino VIP pass is one of them (its required for re-rides on Bullet)


And OMFG there it is! Today's goal!!!


I mostly came back to the park to ride Bullet because it's awesome and unique and riding it makes other enthusiasts jealous.


The park was totally dead except for some school groups but this didn't matter...Bullet was OPEN!


Bullet is at the very front of the park, where the go-karts used to be.


Tornado was closed, so sad. I have bad luck in mexico with Yellow coasters. This, Triple Loop, and Batman were all closed during my trip.


A little bummed, but it didn't matter to me too much as I had already been on it and other than the lack of restraints...I mean...it's alright.


The go-karts are now at the bottom of the left side of the park, by the log ride. It's new location opens up views of Titan.


3 coasters, 0 trains! Score! lol


We rode Titan with a group of Luchas filming something. Works for me! I love luchas!


Did I mention that the park wasn't very busy?


Here is a flat ride that wasn't operating because there was nobody there to ride it.


But anyway, lets get back to the BULLET!


This ride was really cool...I describe it to people as Montezooma's Revenge tied in a little bow. It works for the GP.


The whole thing is tire-driven and it's fun sitting in the front and watching the tires change direction.


The clearences on that loop are pretty low. I played it safe and didn't put my hands up...hey I'm tall in Mexico!


Obviously we sat and watched it cycle a few times so I can snap some pictures for you fine TPR folk.


LOVE the warped, tilty station!


Look how close that loop is to the station! Unfortunately, nobody is allowed on the platform while the ride is running so no train pics from inside.


I'm pretty sure you can be an idiot and reach out and touch it. Actually, you probably can't.


The train pulls out about 10 feet before hauling backwards to begin the ride.


Possibly the coolest station I've seen? Since the park was dead the ops were very nice about letting us hang out and ride in different seats and take pictures.


Seriously...that is some WTF clearance!!!


The ride is very photogenic and a great addition to Selva Magica. Their coaster collection seems more complete now.


So I basically included every picture of the ride I took because so far there aren't that many out there. At least in this location.


There is the ride sign.


Alicia is still there. It turns out that she is 8 month pregnant....with a girl :)


One would be missing out if they visited Selva Magica and did not tour her body. We also did the Casa de Terror because Obviously.


Did I mention that The Bullet is at this park? What a great ride!


Here is another shot with the ride sign in it.


And one more shot of the station. That's a lot of Bullet!


So Selva Magica is next door to a zoo. A big zoo...I think maybe the biggest in Mexico? Latin America? Not sure, but we were there to explore.


There are many different types of tickets, we got the most fancy one which included all the little attractions, including Sky Zoo.


The zoo is long and narrow, and Sky Zoo goes over basically every enclosure, so the half hour ride is a great way to see the zoo.


Going OVER the lions was a new and different experience!


I'm not really a zoo person, but with the Sky Zoo, and the electric train that zig-zagged through the park, it was a fun way to see it all without doing any work.


It is a very pretty zoo...the enclosures looked better than the ones I've seen at the LA Zoo. But lets be honest here...You know and I know that this is just a picture of The Bullet.


We took a Safari that was included on our pass and they gave us lettuce to feed to giraffes!


Totally did not expect this and it became a highlight of the day! Really cool experience!!!


When we ran out of lettuce, he started eating the decorative bamboo on the back of the jeep.


This is the Africa section. The ride ops and instructors were wearing African theme clothes and kept saying "Aqui en Africa" meaning "Here in Africa." I liked the committment to environment for the kids.


The aquarium was also included with our fancy wristband, so we checked it out.


I found this cool spot to take pretty pictures of Titan. Sooo pretty. So here are the pictures you are supposed to get:


Train on the lift.


Train at the top.


Train going down the drop. Hooray!


The zoo was very pretty. Combining the zoo and Selva Magica make a really nice full day adventure. If you're into zoos, that would probably be a full day in itself. Selva Magica, unless its seriously packed, is only a half day park.


Art in front of the zoo. It's inspired by Diego Rivera, but is not his work.


OMG ONE MORE BULLET PIC from outside the park. This is when we learned that there is no park hopping. Once you're out, you're out. Even if they recognize you (which they did), and you tell them you just wanted to buy things and spend money (which we did).


This was pretty much the only place open after midnight. And you know what? Those 7 peso gay tacos were delicious!


I love this kids look. He's totally rocking a fanny pack in the night club.


Jalisco ES Mexico. This is their slogan because Jalisco started a lot of quintessential Mexican stuff: Birria, big sombreros, miriachi, tortas ahogada, stuff like that.


This is for you, JoJo!


We stayed in a beautiful historic hotel called Hotel Morales. Got a killer deal on Orbitz. Neither of our rooms had windows that face anything interesting. Mine was an elevator shaft and my friends faced the plaza outside his room.


The public spaces were gorgeous though and I'd stay here again any time. Walking distance to the centro, and the bus that gets you to Selva Magica.


It was raining pretty much the other 4 days we spent in Guadalajara. Good thing we went to the park the 1st day because it basically would have sucked any other day.


Theres this enormous multi-story market in the middle of town. Trinkets and awesome food as far as the eye can see!


They also have Domino's. It's greasier.


Just because you're in another country doesn't mean you have to give up your normal creature comforts :)


The rain had a cool side effect of being able to get pictures without a gazillion people in them.


We felt like we had our own private Guadalajara to ourselves. It was also a Mexican holiday weekend so a lot of locals were out of town.


We went to this area called Tlaquepaque where you can get nice glass, pottery, and food. We opted for food. It was raining REALLY hard that day.


This molcajete was probably my favorite meal of the whole trip. Delicious and stayed hot till the last bite!


So yeah, in short, I love Guadalajara and can't wait to go back. Culture, history, and beautiful people everywhere you look!


Even random street art that was cool. And this was at a corner that was 'nowhere in particular.'


That's me at a zoo!


And OMFG CANT GET ENOUGH OF THE BULLET! This is seriously the last picture of it.


And adios from Guadalajara! I will be back probably sooner than later....I love you Mexico!

Edited by WFChris
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I loved it! We rode it a ton of times...it was basically like ERT for as long as we wanted. The hangtime on the first spike after the backwards launch was probably my favorite part. And yes, I always manage to have a little too much fun in Mexico, but that's just part of its magic

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