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Photo TR: WFChris's Mexico Trips!

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I'll admit it. I'm bored. Here are a few very random pictures from my visits to Mexico City after the TPR tour. In no particular order. Here we go!


Here I am with the guys who swing from the pole and play a flute and a drum. Culture!


We ate at this large food court near the zoo and the anthropology museum. Sadly, it was some of the worst food I've eaten in Mexico.


Seriously. Everywhere.


This is just a random city shot. I really love Mexico City.


Ohh...and this is where we ate said not-so-good-food a few pictures back.


Love this sign.




We ate at this restaurant near the Zocalo that was once again, AMAZING. A tourist would not just randomly walk in here...we got a plate of meat that served 2 very comfortably for $90 ($6.95 USD).


This was at the Anthropology Museum. This may have been made by the first enthusiast ever ever.


There are lots of random stores, like this Sex Shop / Wedding Dress place.


We saw the Zocalo during the day. Here it is all creepy at night.


They had this mini city set up in the square, it was apparently a free driver training program. I would want to take this before driving in Mexico City...driving looks completely insane in that city.


A random food stand on Insurgentes.


Another creepy dark picture at the Zocalo.


Aaaaand another picture of the random driver training class. Here, you can even see they made a mini Angel to drive around!


Here is what the menu at Hooters looks like in Mexico City. The 'macho' wings are no joke.


And I'll finish off with OMG AN ACTUAL THEME PARK PICTURE! This is Six Flags Mexico as you approach from the street. I did get a chance to say #adiosmedusa about a week before it gave its last rides. Medusa and Superman look really cool from outside the park.


Ok, that's it. Maybe I'll do a random photo upload again. Maybe I won't. I do promise to continue to cover Mexico as I visit it into 2014 (already have some trips planned!) PLEASE COMMENT. BECAUSE WHY NOT.

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Your picture of the wedding dress/sex shop reminded me of all of the sex shops and porn cinemas we walked past on culture day. The best was when we saw the sign pointing to one down the street and we started to head in that direction. I can still remember everyone asking each other "Are we all going to a sex shop??" and then it was really a delicious restaurant. Good times.

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It really is nice to see photos of this country! Never had an interest in visiting till the TPR trip reports started to come out. Looks like a really fun place to check out sometime!


Me neither, and I hadn't ever in my life, until the TPR Tour last March.

The tours really get you to some I-never-thought-I'd-ever-visit places.

Between the Asian countries and overseas in Europe tours... it's been great!

And now, Mexico!

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I on the other hand have always had an interest...I love Mexican people, Mexican food, and Mexican culture that exists here in LA, so I had a hunch that I would love it. Still, based on it's reputation, I needed to find the right way to visit. The TPR trip was a no brainer for me. I was on a plane 2 months after the trip to visit again, and again 2 months after that!


The USA likes to think it's evil, and to be honest with you, I kinda want them to keep thinking that to a certain extent so that Mexico City and Guadalajara don't get overrun by USA tourists like the beach towns have!


Nonetheless, I hope my pictures and experiences have provided some insight to this awesome, often misunderstood (or under-understood maybe?) place.

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You know, sometimes total random reports of pics are amazing!


I'm actually thinking about doing a few reports where I just lay out the pictures as they were taken, even if they don't quite make sense, just for the fun of it!


Thanks again for sharing!

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You know, sometimes total random reports of pics are amazing!


I'm actually thinking about doing a few reports where I just lay out the pictures as they were taken, even if they don't quite make sense, just for the fun of it!


Thanks again for sharing!


To be honest, I did very little picture order work throughout the whole report (although there was some). The memories came back in the order the pictures were received and it was kinda fun telling the story...in fact at some points I think it came off as random which is perfect.


These last few though, are in a really bizarre order that my computer assigned. It's cool though because it started with a picture of myself and ended with SFM so it almost looks calculated. Almost!


Thank you ROBB for providing the best place possible to share all this, for getting my ass out of the country, and for being featured on the front page 3 times! Totally didn't expect that!!!

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I went back to La Feria on that last visit mostly to ride Montana Infinitum, but sadly, it was not operating. I'm really glad they got it running for us on the TPR tour!!!!!


And, I can't wait to get back to Guadalajara to ride the Bullet! That will be the first coaster that I have taken pictures with disassembled, and then later rode!

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To celebrate 10,000 thread views, here are 3 completely random pictures of Medusa under construction, taken Saturday, January 11th, 2014.


From the parking lot


oooh you can kinda sorta see track on the turnaround!


Aaand inside the park where the queue begins. Or at least did. The future is a huge mystery.

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Well, I just got back from Mexico City again, I was there for a big 4 day music festival. It was NUTS. Anyway, I made some time to renew my Pase Anual at Six Flags Mexico, and thought I would take some time to share some pictures with you fine folks.


We'll start with an OMG MEDUSA UPDATE!!!!!


Here we can see the crew installing a curvy piece of track.


This turn was previously a lot higher off the ground if my memory serves me correctly.


The coaster is situated on a densely forested hill and isn't easy to take pictures of. It should end up being very 'Outlaw Run...ny'


Prices this year. Renewing my AP was MX$480 which is US$36.60


Medusa towers over the entry plaza of Six Flags Mexico.


Random themeing at Superman El Ultimo Escape


Lift hill action poking up over the restaurant


You can barely make out the insane first drop and another hill through the structure


If I saw track, I took a picture. Like I said, it's not easy to photograph, especially inside the park.


Really, this is all you can see inside the park.


Yes, it's okay to take pics on the ferris wheel. This was the best I could do, there was this terrified girl in my car and she wouldn't let me scoot over to take a better shot.


Cool shot of the park.


Random flippy ride thing and Vampire Infestation. I heard a rumor that it's gonna go Zombie soon.


S&S fun. They were only running one tower so I neglected to ride it.


Sling Shot opens next week. It's pretty big and should end up being a lot of fun! I saw it testing.


The first boomerang ever on the planet. With it's silly 3 minute first lift.


So many flats at this park, it makes for a really nice atmosphere.


This is the entrance to the kids area, apparently the facade is from the 'before Six Flags' period.


Another cool random flat.


Double Decker merry go round. For some reason I never noticed this before.


Another shot of Sling Shot. For those who have been, it's between Boomerang and the Swings.


Another shot inside the park. This is just inside the park. I'm not sure what they were doing with that box on a string but they were moving it all over the place.


And one more shot from the parking lot for good measure. Notice the track IN the trees? This is gonna be a cool ride!


After I got back into the city off the Metro, there was this crazy thunderstorm. Everybody was waiting in the exit to let it pass. I love Mexico City!!!!!

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^You know, I'm not sure exactly but I have heard that they plan on having it open by Mid-June, so I would imagine that they would need to finish building it by the end of this month to meet that deadline. My totally uneducated guess is that it looks 60%-80% complete.

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As others have said, I hope RMC continues it's tirade and will be a dominant force in the industry for years to come. Medusa looks like the sleeper hit of the year.


Their coasters have a presence, and an awe factor that doesn't really exist anymore (the occasional wild Intiman ride not included). The GP needs another mid 90's B&M, someone who breaks the mold and creates excitement throughout the 'normals'. Much like skyscrapers, everyone loves a knockout coaster.

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^I totally know what you mean about 'awe factor.' When I went to the park last week, I caught myself staring at Medusa in a child-like way that I haven't done since 'X' was built at SFMM. The drops, flips, and crazy turns just look so weird and impossible and EXCITING!

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So I have gone back to Mexico City several times since the TPR tour, and each time I make an attempt to ride Montana Infinitum. The first time I ended up getting sick, the second time it wasn't running, and now I finally got another chance. Montana Infinitum was my favorite coaster of the Mexico Tour, it's an intense Schwarzkopf similar to the Mindbender in Canada (so I hear).


Will the 3rd time be the charm? Let's go on an adventure and find out!


We're also gonna visit Vive Latino, the big music festival that was the reason I visited this time. It's gonna be fun, read along!


After a hearty lunch, it was time to work my way over to La Feria, by myself.


I took a bus to this intersection that was REALLY close to the hotel we stayed at during the TPR tour. Just a short walk down this road here...


Through this park....pleasant little walk albeit a little hot.


After turning where the policia told me to turn, you had to cross the freeway. (Drop tower on the left of the freeway!


Gratuitous 'I'm in Mexico! See the flag?' shot.


Continue crossing the road. I see a coaster! I must be getting close!


Keep an eye on your children on these bridges, one wrong step and they will DIE!


Hooray! Cascabel! More Schwarzkopf awesomeness!


Aaaand the reason I walked all this way. This ride has a loud lift hill, and it was completely silent. Oh no.


And, this is where I learned that for reasons unknown, the park is not open. Website said it was open, other families were showing up. PARK NOT OPEN :(


While I got some shots from outside of the park, this was an important reminder that Robb and Elissa work their asses off to get us on every coaster they possibly can on their tours.


There were employees there, cleaning up, doin' their thing, but it was not meant to be. The ritual of stopping by La Feria to not ride Montana Infinitum continues.


Got a cool shot of Raton Loco, though.


And one more for good measure. This is from a bridge, obviously outside of the park.


The bridge led to this bike path of perpetual doom. I couldn't escape it and it seemed to go on forever. Whatever, it's not like I have anything else to do!


I eventually worked my way off the path, onto another bridge, and eventually back to where I was staying.


The next day was the start of 4 days of music festival madness. It was mostly Latin bands (mostly rock) but there were also bands from other places around the world sprinkled in as well.


Vive Latino XV!!! I made it! I'm here!!!


I got really close for AFI. I'm so hardcore.


This is a Mezcal popsicle. Mezcal is like a tequila but has more euphoric effects. So, yeah, this is a Popsicle that gets you drunk!


They had these hammocks behind one of the stages. Pretty cool chill spot.


Uh, so anyway, have I mentioned that this concert is MASSIVE? Like, craziest huge crowd I have ever been a part of.


I really got a kick out of being able to drink alcohol anywhere you wanted instead of in a stupid beer garden. Right hand beer, left hand mezcal.


Just a random shot of the stadium. This was the largest of 4 main stages.


It rained in the afternoon on two of the days. This picture is from the second day of rain, where you can see I (and the crowd) were more prepared than the day before.


This is a taco being prepared that had like 4 different meats and chicharrones in it and it was HEAVEN.


To close out this update, and because TPR loves signs, I present you with this one. This is on the door to a tiny little elevator. Thanks for reading, TPR! Post yer comments if ya got em!


Arcade Fire kicked all kinds of ass.


The first day of rain, it also hailed on us. They stopped the show and we all took cover. Here is our wonderful 'under the palm tree' shelter. We all scrambled to buy these overpriced, mostly useless pieces of plastic.


People would bounce in the air. It was really special for me to be there and basically awesome and I CANT WAIT TO GO BACK!!!!

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