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Photo TR: WFChris's Mexico Trips!

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After Selva Magica, we went back to the hotel to freshen up for our last adventure of the day.


It was time to go visit the Jose Cuervo factory and drink some tequila!


Our tour guide told us a fascinating story on the way to the town of Tequila.


This guy showed us how they harvest the good stuff.


Gas stations don't show their prices because gas is nationalized and it's the same price everywhere.


Tequila was a really cute little town.


This was the little paseo that ran between the factory and the restaurant we had dinner in later that night.


We got fancy for our tour



Well, we did a tour, we drank, we ate, and we headed out. I apparently didn't take any pictures of it. What happens in Mexico....lol


The next morning we walked around Guadalajara a little bit.


It was a beautiful morning and there weren't many people out yet.


Downtown Guadalajara is a beautiful place.


It's funny to think this place is closer to Los Angeles than New York City. It felt really far away.


But also kind of familiar and comfortable. I really need to get back there and spend a little more time!




So that city was just totally unexpected and wonderful for me, but it was time to head back to Mexico City.


Typical staring out the window shot for most of the drive


There was an 'issue' with the 'lavatory' toward the end of the trip and we had to get creative.


Here's the 'fancy' chicken and cactus dish that we had at our final meal as a group.


And that's the ballgame! End of the TPR trip! What an amazing experience!!!! I left the hotel that night and headed to where I would be staying for the remainder of my stay in Mexico City. Tomorrow, I snag 3 more credits :)

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Mexicans seem to have a thing for German coasters and flats that are phased out of German carnivals. Very nice of them to keep all those classic rides warm for us...


I think I have some more German rides waiting for you in the next update!


That last day was tough because it was the end of the TPR segment but the beginning of my own. I had made so many friends that I didn't want them to leave, and I was also losing my safety net! Time to see how I do in another country, by myself, with little knowledge of the local language. Lots of emotions!!!

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^You know, it DID seem a little uncomfortable but I think a lot of that has to do with the fact that we didn't know anything about it. We also only had a short period of time to catch the credits, explore the park, and eat.


It was REALLY spread out with lots of nothing in between rides.


Like I said, the local families seem to go there to relax and have a family day in a large controlled space. There was a fairly large water park that we didn't visit, and there was also a large ropes course including zip lines that we didn't even see! I learned about the ropes course after we visited, and if we had time for it I'm sure TPR would have had a blast doing it!


Probably the most un-traditional theme park I have ever been to, but to the local people, it was their local park. Another odd thing was that some of the vendors seemed to have nothing to do with the park itself. There was this one lady that had a bunch of random different items, including a 2 liter of coke for $30 pesos ($2.30 USD). I bought some Adventure Time wristbands from another vendor. Weird place!

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^Great idea!! Especially when the bathroom is right in the middle of the bus lol!


While we were on the bus heading back to Mexico City, I was going through my Facebook and I noticed a local club would be having some kind of event at a fair the next day. I had no finite plans for my next few days by myself, this seemed kinda cool, so I asked Elissa if she knew anything about the club. She said 'do it!' so the next thing I knew, I was confirming with them and extending my coaster tour.


After the farewell dinner with the TPR crew, I headed back to my hotel in the Zona Rosa, but instead of partying it up as I had planned (it was Friday night), I went to sleep early for another full day of coastering bright and early the next morning! I had no idea what to expect, but I was excited!


Continental Breakfast at my hotel was nice, but not as nice as the ones at the TPR hotels :)


On A TPR Trip, when they say 'Meet at 11:00' they mean 'Be there by 10:45.' So I got to the fair early, but it tuns out 11:00 means 11:15. I heard there were some issues with the metro.


Where to sit...where to sit. This looks like a good spot!


Here we are at Feria de la Ciudad de Mexico! I have no idea what is going on! I hope these guys show up soon!


NOT liquor!


Well, the guys eventually showed up, and more came throughout the day, so we got in line to enter. It was long but we were constantly walking.


The 'feria' was split into two areas, and to move between the two, you had to navigate these huge expo halls with tons of vendors. They had it set up like a zig zag so you HAD to walk past every. single. business.


Whew! Made it to the midway.


Yes please!


On the way to the coaster, we walked past several kids rides.


Yay! My first non-TPR Mexico credit!!!


errr....hmmm. Okay. We'll try again later.


Where's the ride operator?


How about this contraption?


LoL nice. Dumb but still a credit!


As happy as the dragon was, he wasn't open either, so we moved on. We got there really early so the rides areas weren't really up and running yet.


Another flat.


Inside the expo halls, you can get your hands on lots of genuine, official merchandise.


One of the many halls of shops that we saw many times throughout the day. By the end of the day, this whole expo hall navigation took about a half hour each way.


Hooray! Midway #2!


In Mexico, he gets the bird.


Angry Bert?


Carnival Transportable Chairlift ride. I have never seen one of these before.


Yep, it's a real chairlift!


Those yellow columns were another entrance to the fair.


Anyway, I was thoroughly fascinated with this chairlift. Am I just sheltered or are these rare?


Several rides were included, and you had to pay for others. This one was free...that's what the sign under the blue umbrella says.


This was also free...I think. Sup Taz?


Most of the larger up-charge rides were $30. Some were $25. But uhhh, hell no on that one.


Yess...that's more my speed :D


The feria also had a fairly substantial water play area with some pools and slides.


Some were inflatable and others rigid. It was the busiest part of the feria during the day.


The whole area had it's own separate up-charge if you wanted to partake.


One more look at the 'big' slide.


There was a large go kart track as well. If this didn't exist, you could sneak over to the other midway. But it did exist, so no sneaking around.


Oh, nice! Never been on one and I'm not going to start today!


Sup Jessie?


These look so tempting but I just don't do the whole spinny thing any more!


OK. THIS...is my first non-TPR Mexico Coaster Credit! And how appropriate. Yet another Wacky Worm!


Cha ching. lol. The funny part is I don't even count carnival coasters, but whatever, I was having a great time.


We watched them run a 9 Minute Cycle on this.


They basically kept it running until there were enough people in line to fill the ride again. They kept asking 'MAS??' The riders always wanted mas, so mas they got.


Trampoline kids area with huge balls.


I'm just gonna sit and do my paperwork riiiiight here.


Oh, did I mention that there was Lucha Libre at the fair?


This was VERY popular, and when they would come to and from the stage, the crowd would accost them like they were celebrities.


Why? Because in Mexico City, they ARE celebrities. It was AWESOME seeing this for real and up close where it comes from.


It's completely fake but totally entertaining and hilarious. And the crowd LOVES it!


Sup Pinoccio? This stand was in the same area as the Lucha Libre stage.


BODY SLAM!!!! More coming very shortly...

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I really wanted to see a Lucha Libre so this was definitely fulfilling for me.


We watched for about 15 or 20 minutes.


Ralph El Demoledor!


Snow White is selling Pan. Pan is bread.


OK so we worked our way back to the big credit, Cyclone.


This pirate ship is a force to be reckoned with. It seriously scared the crap out of me when we rode it. This was a free attraction.


OK anyway, let's work our way up to the platform.


Hello? Anybody there?


Why am I being freely allowed to roam around on this platform with ZERO employees around?!?!?!?!


While we wait, another look at the tiny pirate ship of death. Seriously. Fixed lapbars and this thing JOLTED you out of them.


The green print means I paid $30.


We learned that the ride ops were hiding in this little trailer.


So we went over and rode the dragon coaster. Tame enough...


...but the guy sent us around 11 Times. ELEVEN TIMES.


I actually started getting a little dizzy. I'm not sure if I should be admitting that.


OK. It's DEFINITELY running now!!!!


Each ride that was an upcharge had it's own ticket booth. Some didn't though. On the dragon coaster, we just handed the man $25 cash. Most other rides you got a ticket in a little booth though.


Yay! A fair credit! I hope this goes well!


The ride was thoroughly entertaining, although I don't think any of us rode it more than once.


Some of the group was going to take off at this point, so we took a group picture. I was the first person from the USA to ever meet up with their club, so that was pretty cool. I still talk to many of these guys. Such a cool day!


I grew a pair and rode this...honestly I did just fine...except that I held on like a little girl the whole time.


This is some kind of drink you have for breakfast. It was yummy and warm...but warm wasn't exactly what I was looking for. The coaster club was very interested in showing me food and beverage I had not yet experienced during my visit, and I was all for it!


This is a Cecina Enchilada. Enchilada basically means 'to spice,' so while in the US, you may only see enchiladas as things wrapped in a tortilla, this is not the case in Mexico. This was just spiced meat. It was DELICIOUS!


Have I mentioned that Mexico is obsessed with straws? If you go back and look at the photos, basically every beverage ever has a straw sticking out of it.


The group lunch was really special for me, and reassuring because I kept remembering that all of my TPR friends were either out of the country at this point or waiting for their flight.


Pretty much the best carnival game prizes I have ever seen in my entire life.


lol. Fahrt.


Just a nice midway shot. The fair went around an indoor stadium, and across the street there was a large outdoor stadium.


Two brave CFMR (Club de Fans de Montañas Rusas) ride the Enterprise. No bueno!


You can get very close to the ride operating, since there were no barriers.


This is a picture of a dude just chillin on the Enterprise stairs, with cars whooshing by like, a foot and a half from his head. The lady is like 'wtf you crazy?!?!'


Fahrt for $30, ferris wheel for $25


I think I took this because there is a Wacky Worm train operating with the Enterprise operating in the background. Very fun midway.


This kid slowed down the ride by tapping his hand on each car. He was also smoking a cigarette. Couldn't capture the picture I wanted in time though.


Yep, lets just chill right here next to the operating bumper car ride. I love the fact that there were no barriers and people weren't dying. Is the entire rest of the world less dumb than the USA? I'm starting to think so...


This was like a live late night infomercial. The guy would sell a random item, like a clothing hamper, and slowly lower the price and make the deal better and better till it can't be refused. Then he would just stop, cut it off, and start selling something else, like skillets. One lady asked for a clothing hamper during the skillet sale and the salesman basically told her 'you're too slow! you should have been here when I was selling hampers!' This was all translated for me of course.


They start em young. Notice the continued use of safety barriers. I never want to leave!


They told me to take a picture of this, so I did. Here it is.


Well, the club bought me some bread, and it was time to head off. Goodbye new friends! I will never forget this!


I came home with these two cups and a loaf of very fancy bread. It was delicious.


That night, I made some friends and went to a Mezcalaria, and once the drinking starts, the pictures stop. So this ends another amazing day in Mexico City! Next up is some sightseeing, and after that 3 more bonus Mexico credits!!!

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Chris - Love your trip report. Brings back so many fun memories. Completely forgot about the last hour and half of the bus ride…….. Mexico was amazing, the people were incredibly nice, and the parks were AWESOME! So, glad we got to meet!

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This is a short video that CFMR posted about our day at Feria de la Ciudad De Mexico. I'm in there for quick little bits...mostly just look for the white sunglasses lol.



There's a link until I figure out how to embed it.


Actually, I give up on trying to embed. If a moderator would be so kind as to help me with this, I would find it very helpful. Thanks


Woodie Warrior wrote:

Mexico looks like a nicer place than I give it credit for.



Mexico is a nicer place than most of the USA gives it credit for. Naturally, we like to focus on whats going on at the borders and in the border states, but if you look deeper into the country, it is fascinating and beautiful, and the people are so nice and wonderful. And the food ROCKS.


I tell people this all the time and I'll mention it here. I felt safer in Mexico City and Guadalajara than I do when I leave work in Downtown Los Angeles each night.

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I tell people this all the time and I'll mention it here. I felt safer in Mexico City and Guadalajara than I do when I leave work in Downtown Los Angeles each night.


QFT (Substitue Vancouver for Los Angeles)


And I want to go back, too.

Guadalajara, especially. And Jose' Cuervo!

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^That only added to the adventure for me. The only bummer that it caused is that I really wanted to go out that night and had several people on board. By the time the delay ended everybody was wiped out and changed their mind! I wish we had known at the time that we were only about a $6 USD cab ride from the hotel.

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I finished up my visit to Mexico City by visiting some places I wanted to go. Being a theme park website, I will briefly revisit this part just so you can see, but I won't get too deep into it. There are no coasters or theme parks in this update, but stay tuned, I'm not done yet! Also, if you enjoy the sightseeing in Mexico City, please COMMENT AND LET ME KNOW. I have more to share and if enough people are interested I can show you some really neat spots, including a place with Miriachis on boats and a freakin castle.


Mezcal hangovers are a completely new ballgame to me. Nonetheless, I had to get going, so I took the metro to my next destination.


Some of the metro stations have cool art pieces right in them.


My next stop was La Casa Azul, Museo Frida Kahlo. That's the Frida Kahlo Museum in case you didn't catch that.


The museum is in the house she lived in, so it's quite small but being AT her house set a very cool and intimate tone.


I didn't expect it to be as emotional as it was...and the thing is, is that it wasn't even intentionally emotional, it just was.


This is her bed.


Her legs were different lengths (among other issues) but she trooped on.


The courtyard was peaceful, there was also rain threatening that day so that pushed the somber vibe.


If you don't know about Frida, google her. I am SO GLAD I made the time to come here. It's not a very long visit so that helps too.


This is the entry area to the museum. I 100% recommend visiting here, and the neighborhood around it, Coyoacán, is really cool as well.


Here's her house from across the street.


Just another 'Los Angeles is mega behind the times' observation.


This dude was juggling in the middle of the crosswalk during red lights. Don't see that every day.


Easy visit to Coyoacán, time to head back up to the Zona Rosa! The trains run on rubber tires and flat tracks, I guess it's this way in Paris as well.


I love the exit signs in the metro!


This is the neighborhood where my hotel was at. The Zona Rosa. Gay. Also touristy.


I liked how wooded the streets were, made me feel right at home and comfortable. In tourist neighborhoods, a foot police officer can be seen at least at every corner. Some people are uncomfortable by this, but I liked it.


One of the night clubs across the street from my hotel.


Mexico City has a huge bike share program, these stands are EVERYWHERE, and people using the bikes were everywhere as well.


El Ángel de la Independencia is located at a prominent intersection on Reforma.


Reforma closes to traffic every Sunday for use by people on bikes, on foot, or anything but a vehicle.


Another look at my neighborhood. Loved how small and cute it was!


Hey girl hey....by the way, instead of ripping out phone booths, they turned them all into wifi hubs so there if you have Infinitum, you have city-wide wifi.


If you look carefully, you can see El Ángel de la Independencia from my hotel window. Lucky me!


This is an old aqueduct that sits in the middle of a busy road south of where I was staying. I think this was in Condesa.


I know its blurry, but here's my trendy hotel room. It was something like $85 USD a night.


Estela de Luz was erected to celebrate 200 years of independence from Spanish rule. Many of us were able to see this from our room at the first hotel but had no idea what it was. Now you know!


Cool art along reforma. These are seats at a bus stop.


Another blurry shot of my hotel room. You can see out into the room from the bathroom. Sexxxy!


Well, all good things must come to an end, so here is my last shot of Mexico City at the airport. I'm going to miss you! I WILL be back!!!


Headed back to Disneyland Airport...I mean John Wayne...I mean Santa Ana...I mean Orange County. Tomorrow, we will visit 3 more roller coasters in Mexico. Where? How did this happen? We'll find out tomorrow! POST SOME COMMENTS!

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^ Chris, there's a pretty good comemrcial (IMhO)film about Frida Kahlo,

called simply "Frida". released in 2002, with Salma Hayek in the title role.

And she was good! Also a passionate producer of it, she was.


Here's a link to more info about the movie...




This was the original poster for the film, I believe.

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