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What do you think is the best looking coaster train?

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^ Ironically, I find both of those to be 2 of the ugliest trains out there. X2 just looks like a hunk of steel on wheels, It's like they forgot to add the body to the frame. I would like to see some nice fiberglass bodies on the cars. As for, Screamin' reminds me too much of old DCA with all the bright colors and what not. Screamin would look way better with open air Intmain cars like on Colossus at Thorpe IMO.

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Anyone know what happened to these trains? Such a shame Carowinds doesn't run them


I never knew that Thunder Road ran such awesome-looking trains! Very cool, and they look pretty comfy, too!


I have to agree that Verbolten has some very nice trains. I'm also partial to the NAD Century Flyers. They're lumbering boxes, but they have style.

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When I look for Carowinds history, carowindsearlyyears.com is a good site. Based on the information at this link the trains came from Riverview Park in Chicagoand ran from 76 - 80. PTC cars were purchased to replace them in 1981 because they were too hard on the track.

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When it comes to old-school wooden coaster trains, I'll go with Kennywood's Thunderbolt.



I'm partial to Verbolten's trains, too.



But I agree with Robb, even though I've never ridden it--Raptor's trains look pretty damn cool.


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^I think all B&M wing coaster trains look good. Now that these are open (or at least built ) they should also be mentioned. It's amazing how good Flying over the rainforest's trains look even in the distance.






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