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Photo TR: November 30, 2013 (Yinxian Resort and Liuhua Park)

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I went to Dongguan to visit Yinxian and Resort and Liuhua Park on November 30. I went to Yinxian Resort first. I had been here three years ago when I discovered they had an odd looping coaster. The park has since added a mouse coaster called Crazy Mouse or Jungle Flying Squirrel as it's Chinese name translates. I went back to add the mouse to my track record. It became coaster #852 for me. This is a busy park. It is the biggest amusement park in all of Dongguan. If Theme Park Review has not been here, they should go the next time they are in China. Changping Tielu Park is close by and both parks can be done in half a day if you start early. Yinxian Resort gets quite busy on the weekends.


After visiting Yinxian Resort, I went to nearby Liuhua Park. I found this park recently and knew they had at least a few rides, including a powered coaster. As it turns out, the park has only had four rides-a powered coaster, bumper cars, paratrooper and boats on the lake. All of the rides closed sometime ago. The powered coaster is overgrown. The coaster's train sits in the bumper car building with bumper cars, boats and paratrooper seats. Liuhua park is a faded places. There is a big tower on top of the hill, but the rides will never operate there again. I am now up to having visited 375 parks and I have found 217 coasters before RCDB or ACE could find them.


I have arrived at Yinxian Resort-I was here three years ago.


They make an effort to make the park look beautiful.


This roller coaster was here three years ago when I visited.


The outside of this walk through attraction looks like a long golden dragon.


A new mouse coaster is has been added since my last visit.


It's English name is Crazy Mouse.


The cars even look mice.


My second park of the day is Liuhua park.


A powered coaster is here, but it has not operated in quite a while.


Weeds are overtaking the track.


This was inside the station.


The earth takes everything back.


The coaster's train sits in the bumper car building with bumper cars and paratrooper seats. That will finish the TR.

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