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[RCT3] NEW Amusement Park For 1985: Crystal Lake!!!

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I am Willium Sullinger CEO of Crystal Lake Amusement Park. Earlier this year,1985, we opened our doors for the first time with two stunning roller coasters. Let's take a look!


Welcome to Crystal Lake Amusment Park! This here is what you see as you walk in.


Take a right and the real action will begin!


On the left we have Whiplash, a rotor style flat ride, and behing it stands LAKE MONSTER! Lake monster does not only go up side down 3 times but it goes upside down 4 times at a top speed of 55 miles per hour!


As you continue on, you will find Witch's Wheel and for a change of speed a Ferris Wheel.


Across from Lake Monster stands Antique Cars. This ride allows you to cruise next to the lake.


To the right of Ferris Wheel stands the Mad Scrambler!


This is the last of the extreme flat rides, and it is called Octupus. You can also see the back spike of the shuttle loop Cannonball!!!


Cannonball is the fastest coaster at our park! It launches you at a top speed of 60mph through a lopp up a spike, and then you do it all again backwards!


To end this uppdate I will leave you with a picture of the Lake that gave us our name.



Editors note: Most of the buildings that are in the first picture are predone by Bolleto on shyguysworld.(constructive critism and comments are appreciated)

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