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Christmas Tree Ornaments – Theme Park Related

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Here are two I picked up over my Christmas trip.


I bought a 2014 ornament in 2013--it's Disney Magic! ;)


It took some doing to find this one. I was told by one employee in a park gift shop that they didn't have any "Knott's" ornaments (just "generic" ones), but I found this one in a shop just outside the main gate. Go figure.

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I found the Knott's Merry Farm ornament thanks to a helpful employee in another shop. She happened to overhear Dan and I talking about the lack of such an ornament and told us where to find one. I found the staff in general to be pretty nice at Knott's that day.

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My Mom doesn't usually buy me anything for my birthday anymore so I was surprised when something showed up in the mail recently. She found a handmade ornament of Thunderbolt at Kennywood at a forge in Western PA.




After a little digging I found the forge's website and they have nearly a dozen different limited edition ornaments for sale, mostly of Kennywood which you can see here.


I'll certainly find a place for this ornament on my tree next year.

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Busch Gardens Williamsburg is selling ornaments for each country represented at the park during Christmas Town. The name and something iconic about the country are on one side, and the Christmas Town logo is on the other.


For example, Ireland.

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Here are the ones I currently have. I also sometimes use my park/coaster key chains, but not the past few years.




Islands Of Adventure/Universal Studios Florida:


Seaword Orlando:


Silver Springs:




Walt Disney World (bought at Animal Kingdom Park):


I regret that I don't have any from the other parks I've been too, but I plan on doing so next time I return.

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^ ha ha love the Mountie ornament, Phil! Looks kinda Dudley Do Right-like.

Beautiful wooden ornament in the second photo, too. Is that one from a park,

as well as the others?


Merry Mary to you Phil, and your close family and friends.

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