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Old, Gone Rides You'd Like To Ride - One Last Time

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Sky Whirl at SFGAm

Big Dipper at Geauga Lake

Eagle Fortress at Everland

Old Mill at Kennywood (Everything I've heard sounds like Garfield is an Embarrassment)




Rides I never went on:

All coasters at Riverview Park

Flashback at SFMM (I have been on every coaster type/ride at SFGAm except for Z-Force/Flashback)

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I know that many here will disagree with me, as they were notorious for being painful, but I would love to ride any of the old 7-loop Arrows. Specifically "Shockwave" at SFGA. At the time I visited, I was an inch short of the 54" height requirement. By the time I made it back there, Shockwave was being demolished However, I was able to take about a dozen cycles on Vortex at PKI during that same road trip, so that was a good consolation.


I know Viper at SFMM is still around, but don't expect to make it out there anytime soon. There's just something about those old sit-down, custom loopers that I love. Not to mention the nostalgia.

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What I have ridden:

- ExtraTERRORestrial Alien Encounter

- Countdown To Extinction (Now "Dinosaur!" at Animal Kingdom)

- The Big Bad Wolf

- The Great American Scream Machine (Great Adventure)

- Rolling Thunder


What I would have liked to ride:

- Drachen Fire

- The original Bat

- Orient Express

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1. Choas (Myrtle Beach Pavilion, yes it's a flat ride)

2. Hurricane (Myrtle Beach Pavilion)

3. Screamin' Delta Demon (Opryland)

4. Great American Scream Machine (Great Adventure)

5. Big Bad Wolf (BGW)

6. Deja Vu (SFOG, though I could ride elsewhere)



Never Got To:

1. Drachen Fire

2. Eagles Fortress

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From another post here, i got Eagle Fortress. And aCoasterStory, you reminded me of Hypersonic.


-Rides I never got to ride-

-Son of Beast (looping)

-Some of the old classic woodies that were very intense - maybe stuff that was gone long before I was born like the Crystal Beach Cyclone, the Rye Airplane Coaster, the Revere Beach Cyclone (first 100ft coaster), and the Riverview Bobs


-Rides I would like to ride again just because-

-Son of Beast (non-looping)

-Disaster Transport

-Wildcat (CP)


-Rides that I never rode, reminded of courtesy of other poster (including the one right above me!)-

-Big Bad Wolf (sorta)

-Hypersonic XLC

-Eagle Fortress

-Original KI Bat

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Son of Beast, both versions


Tomb Raider: The Ride, year 1




Back To The Future: The Ride




Disney MGM Studios Backlot Tour, original version (I'm a huge movie fan)


Star Tours, version 1

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The only removed rides I've been on are:

-Hurricane at SCBB...still exists in plenty of forms, and while it was surprisingly intense, I lost no sleep over that one.

-Maliboomer at DCA...that was an awesome ride. Probably the scariest thing I've ever done.

-Star Tours 1.0...it was fun, but I like 2 better because of the randomized experience, which in the context of the story makes much more sense than all flights heading to the exact same places and encountering the same obstacles.


Of course, there are plenty of defunct rides that would have been amazing.

-GASM and Shockwave - Even though Viper beat me to a pulp, these are some historic rides.

-Batman and Robin: The Chiller - saw about these in a book as a kid and dreamed of visiting SFGAdv...I've still yet to go there.

-The Big Bad Wolf - Verbolten was awesome, but the nostalgia factor here is intense.

-Drachen Fire - a very unique looking ride.

-Hypersonic XLC - we still have Dodonpa, but this ride was certainly more accessible to Americans.

-Too many classic wooden coasters to count - looking at turn-of-the-century postcards makes me wish I'd been able to experience the original golden age of roller coasters, especially at all of California's long-gone seaside parks.

-Stealth, Invertigo, Tidal Wave/Greezed Lightnin', and Whizzer at CGA - granted, the first two of the rides mentioned here still exist at other CF parks, I'm not sure how soon I'll be getting out to Carowinds or Dorney to ride these. I also missed out on some likely comical experiences with friends on these rides.

-SFMM's Flashback - just looked like a unique and intense ride.



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Cyclone at Six Flags New England used to suck, but with the retracking they did in 2011 (I think ?) the coaster became very enjoyable and actually fun. I also wish Le Monstre (La Ronde) had its Morgan trains back, I know most enthusiasts hate Morgan woodies trains, but the PTCs perform worst on Le Monstre than the Morgans did and I don't enjoy the ride anymore.

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Big Bad Wolf

Drachen Fire (I know many hated it...but I loved it)

Viper (SFOG)


Not Ridden in Parks I've been to:

White Lighnin' (Carowinds-I know it's in South Africa now, but I don't see going there anytime soon.)

Python (BGT-left a year before my first visit)

Hypersonic SLC (never made it while in operation)

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Rides that I'd like to ride again:

Tomb Raider:The Ride at King's Island - back when it was themed and actually good)

Rainbow at Kentucky Kingdom - it was a fun little family ride and could have greatly added to their line up this year

The Quake at Kentucky Kingdom - just because it was fun, but never really open so I hardly ever got the chance to ride it

Chaos at Kentucky Kingdom - again, a fun ride that would have greatly added to their line up this year

Son of Beast - because kidneys can be replaced


Rides I never got to ride:

King Cobra at King's Island - only because I chickened out in the station the only chance I ever got to ride it

Big Bad Wolf at Busch Gardens Williamsburg - because it seems like it was a really fun Arrow Suspended coaster

Vampire at Kentucky Kingdom - because I've never experienced at true Vekoma boomerang

Batman and Robin: The Chiller at Great Adventure

Hypersonic XLC

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Jet Star @ Casino Pier. Mainly nostalgia since it was my first coaster, but it was a forceful lil ride! Plus the extra thrill factor of it feeling super unsafe. Not to mention the history...my Father and Uncle would talk about riding it as kids with their parents.


Batman and Robin the Chiller. Wasn't great, but was a pretty fun ride, especially in its later years when they lines were non existent and they went to lap bars.

Oh, this was when there was still the zero g roll of course.


Hypersonic XLC. That launch....beyond words.


Big Bad Wolf



Ones I never rode and will never get to..

Son of Beast. I don't care, I wish I could know the experience.

Drachen Fire. Same as above, even if it was a torture device.


Super far back!

Crystal Beach Cyclone. Why has no one ever recreated this beast with modern technology? (Maybe we need to write RMC)

Rye Playland Airplane Coaster. Same as above, we can call GCI for this one

Such classics.

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I know I'm in the minority, but I loved Flashback at SFMM. Such a weird, intense, adorable adventure.


I remember when this ride was at Six Flags Great America. Called Z Force. Very cool ride but man, gave you a splitting headache afterwards.

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Big Bad Wolf-One of my favorite rides ever. I only got to ride it three times during Howl-O-Scream of 05. Four years later when I visit the park again during HOS, it was SBNO waiting to get torn down.

Two Face-It maybe just an Invertigo, but it was my first shuttle coaster.


Haven't ridden:

Drachen Fire-Out of all the rides that have bit the dust, this is on the top of my list of rides I wish I had the chance to experience. No matter how rough people claimed it was, the ride was beautiful an unique in many ways.

Orient Express-Being a huge Arrow fan, this is another unique looking ride. One of the only few that had interlocking loops.


Parks I never visited:

Opryland-From what I've researched, it looked like one of the nicest parks in the country with a good line up of rides and entertainment. Now it's replace by a mall and resort.....

Marshall Hall-An amusement park in MD that shut down a long time ago that my dad used to visit every summer as a kid. If this was still around, it would be the closest amusement park to me.

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Ok, My top ten (ish) rides in history that i wish I could go back in time and ride...a bit more detailed. And actually a lot of Cheating.


10. Rye Aeroplane Coaster: GCI just build this spiral drop masterpiece somewhere already. Just tell a chinese park you have a can't-miss design, they'll be on board.


9. Last Year's HHN House: American Werewolf in London. Easily my favorite house ever and I can't see anything topping it in the near future. Wish I could go through again and again.


8. One of the three Cyclone sisters by Harry Traver. The most brutal rides ever built. What could go wrong?


7. Action Park-The Loop. Who wouldn't want to brag to everyone that they rode this back in the day?


6. Original Journey into Imagination, because there's no argument (from video I've seen) that the old version was much better, today it's pretty blah. Alien Encounter as well, for the same reason. Stitch Encounters is IMO the worst theme park attraction I've experienced.


5. Earthquake or Pirate Ride at Cedar Point, because there's no truly themed attractions there today and it would be deeper, richer experience there if the park had somehow skipped these two on its historical trend towards modernization.


4.The Tickler, Loop the Loop, Fun houses, Beach water slides, Traver swings, Tunnel of love, anything at Coney island between 1850 and 1920 essentially.


3.Lake Winnie, Whacky Shack and Double Ferris Wheel, both of which I rode as a kid and both of which I miss terribly. It's almost a crime how relatively recently they got rid of the Shack especially, and I went through the one at Trimper's and had a big rush of nostalgia.


2. Eagle's Fortress: This one is the highest rated ride that has been removed in modern times. I've even seen it personally as an SBNO attraction. Sorry BBW and all others.


1. Mauck Chunk Switchback Railway: The first rollercoaster! No restraints! Straight down a mountain! 100 MPH! What was this fantastic ride really like? No one alive knows...

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