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Old, Gone Rides You'd Like To Ride - One Last Time

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Flume - Valleyfair

Rails - Valleyfair


I was thinking the same thing. And since I'm going down the VF nostalgic road I would also like to ride the old Caterpillar (before it was called SuperCat). Back then it had a canopy that would open and close multiple times during a ride cycle and cover the trains.

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Star Tours (The Original Version)


Disneyland Paris still has it. The robot speaks French the entire time, though. Best part of the ride is when Red Leader comes on the video screen and speaks english, though. Guess they didn't want to spend the money to dub it over.


"...omlette du fromage, je'taime..."

"Star Tours! What are you doing here?!"


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As for things I've ridden-


Cedar Point-

Wildcat - Didn't ride it much

Disaster Transport - I have more experience with it than Wildcat, but why not?

White Water Landing - It was a family tradition when it was there and although its replacement is likely my favorite steel coaster, I'd love to experience this classic flume again.

Chaos - One of my favorite flats...


Kings Island-

Son of Beast - It sounds crazy, but I want to experience this massive (though bumpy) ride one more time.

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Laser, my first inverting coaster. Now that is the one ride I definitely miss the most. I HATED it when I first rode it, but that's because I was tiny and I didn't know to keep my head back so I was caught slumped forward during the loops, my head being pulled hard toward my knees (how many of us had that happen to us as kids?). Very painful. But of course I grew to love it. I had no idea I'd miss it so much after it was gone, you never fully appreciate something until you lose it. I like Possessed and all, but let's be honest, it's barely even a coaster.

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Skull Mountain had some interesting elements to it--for example, the rushing water in some parts of the flume, which made it feel more like a real river, and the "coaster- style" drop and hill.

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Looney Tunes River Run at Movie World. Back in the '90s it was one of the best dark rides anywhere outside of a Disney park.


I didn't get to ride Superman, but I did get to experience this! I thought it was hilariously cheesy but also great fun. I had no idea what I was getting into when I got on the ride, but I ended up being ...what transported through Bugg's rabbit hole from Brisbane to LA? Classic.


ExtraTerror Alien Encounter scared the sh!t out of me as a kid - because it was so believable! The ground thumping, darkness, animatronics, ...everything worked to be a perfect scare. Shame it couldn't be mimic'd at a different park.

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Let's see (no particular order)...


-Back to the Future: The Ride (Universal Studios Hollywood)

-Kingdom of the Dinosaurs (Knott's Berry Farm)

-Log Jammer (Six Flags Magic Mountain)

-PeopleMover (Disneyland)

-Perilous Plunge (Knott's Berry Farm)

-Rocket Jets (Disneyland)

-Submarine Voyage (Disneyland)

-Superstar Limo (Disney California Adventure Park)

-Wacky Soap Box Racers (Knott's Berry Farm)

-Everything at Wild Rivers Waterpark

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I think I'd like one last ride on the long-gone wooden Wild Mouse at Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk, just to see if it still scared the hell out of me as much as it did when I was 12.


I was just thinking the same thing. I remember being terrified on that ride. I wonder if it really was that scary or the fact I was probably 7 or 8!



Adventure Thru Inner Space !!!!

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^^I forgot about Hypersonic and would definitely add that to my list.


I rode it once during opening year and I thought it was quite fun, although the wait was brutally long with horrible dispatching & constant issues (which I think led to it's ultimate demise). I think I remember about a two and a half hour to three hour wait...probably the longest I have ever waited for a coaster to date, but I loved it.


I recall not having any saliva in my mouth just before that launch and the insane ejector air that I got at the top of that hill. I don't remember the other transitions because I just remember being distracted and saying, "WTF just happened back there?" once we went over that hill.


Sounds like it definitely didn't age well and with the birth of bigger, faster launch coasters I can understand why they ultimately tore this one down.

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^You could go to Fuji Q and experience Hypersonic hopped up on mega-steroids and showing major "roid rage."


And with an additional amount of steroids in the queue music, too...




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Tomb Raider: The Ride at Kings Island.

This was the best attraction that came out of the Paramount days. The theming and story were so well done that the ride would've fit in quite well at a Universal park. The ride itself was very thrilling! I nearly crapped my pants the first time I rode it during its opening season! It's such a shame that the ride was plagued with problems.

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