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Old, Gone Rides You'd Like To Ride - One Last Time

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Big Bad Wolf... when I went to BGW back in 2001 this was my favorite coaster in the park. I've always been a big fan of suspended coasters and this one was my favorite by far.


If I could go and ride any "old, gone ride" it would be the Crystal Beach Cyclone (I know it would suck but who doesn't wish they could have ridden that thing once?) but it seems like the spirit of the thread is to name something I actually got a chance to ride when it was operating which is why I went with Big Bad Wolf.

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Dinosaur, Version 1. By the same token, Indiana Jones, Version 1. Indy is my favorite ride in Disneyland anyway on the current programming. I can only imagine how much wilder that thing was when it first opened!

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I'd say ExtraTERRORestial Alien Encounter at the Magic Kingdom, the Wacky Soapbox Racers at Knott's, World of Motion (simply because I never got to ride it in the first place) and Horizons at Epcot, the Mine Train Through Nature's Wonderland at Disneyland, and the Lost Dutchman Mine at the long defunct Frontier Village in San Jose, California. (I have very fond memories of that last ride from when I was a kid--particularly the skeleton miner at the end.)



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I haven't been on many lost rides that were amazing, or were iconic at the time that I rode them. So most of these will be for old times' sake or an appreciation of slightly higher ride quality.


1914 Mangels-Illions Carousel, Portland, Oregon


Lusse Auto Skooters at Oaks Park: not the oldest design and not as famous as some, but hard-hitting nonetheless. I'm not even a die-hard Lusse (or bumper car) fanatic; it's just that modern replacements are ugly and usually suck.


Monster Mouse at Washington State Fair: a Herschell Monster Mouse with adorable cars, a couple pops of airtime, and a quirky old-school design. Put both its Herschell Mad Mouse brethren and the dwindling family of Miler mice to shame.


Disaster Transport: underrated unadulterated fun. I do love GateKeeper's impact on, well, the gate it keeps. But even if the theming was lacking, I'll miss the novelty of this mildly thrilling indoor bobsled.


Stillwalk Manor at Casino Pier: before it fell into the ocean and disappeared forever, it was a very well-themed, modern homage to its many predecessors on the Jersey Shore.

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Our old gone a long time ago, Laff In The Dark dark ride at Playland (PNE).

It was in a pretty big building, and was always changing it's stuff inside.

The building is still there, but now houses an indoor arcade in one half of it,

and our Haunted Mansion walk-through (up-charge) attraction, in the other half.


I miss Laff In The Dark.

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'Cuda Falls at Darien Lake's water park, I'm not sure if Darien Lake is going to remove it or reopen it in 2014? Because a few month ago I heard a rumor that Darien Lake is going to remove the 'Cuda Falls water slides, so hope that's not true!

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I miss the original version of the Atomic Breakers at Water Country, too. It was a series of small pools connected by concrete water slides, and guests rode on tubes. One of the stops had a whirlpool effect, and it was a "terrain" water slide that was much like a river. But it didn't poll well with guests, and it was rather difficult to maintain, so Busch removed it a few years ago. It was in the space where the new slide for 2014 is being installed.

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^ ^That sounds just like Riptide Run at Dorney Park's Wildwater Kingdom...too bad to see that they are also removing it to add Snake Pit in 2014.


I thought it was a fun little water ride although it would create jams when people would get caught in the whirlpools. Very old school with the concrete slide troughs where you could easily skin your knees if you weren't paying attention!


As far as rides that are defunct that I wouldn't mind riding again:


* White Water Landing at Cedar Point - fun, family flume ride.

* Earthquake & Pirate dark rides at Cedar Point. Remember riding them, but think I would have more appreciation for them today.

* Lightnin' Loops at SFGA with the inter-locked loops.

* BBW at BGE - the only Arrow suspended coaster that I really liked.

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