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Photo TR: Chang'an Park (November 23, 2013)

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Today's adventure took me to Chang'an in Dongguan. Chang'an is the richest part of Dongguan and has a very nice park called Chang'an Park. There are some basic rides here including a mouse coaster, kiddie coaster, log flume and some other rides. The kiddie coaster doesn't work anymore and weeds are growing through the track. The mouse coaster still operates and I took a spin on it. Although this mouse coaster is like others I have ridden, its placement above part of the log flume makes the ride appear higher and gives the park's ride area a unique atmosphere. I call it The World's First Dueling Flume Coaster, although both rides are simply two different rides. After leaving the park, I found another fun place just a short walk away. I have included a photo from there too.


I found Chang'an Park recently and alerted Duane at RCDB about it. I was not able to get there until today. Chang'an Park is one of the most beautiful and well-kept parks I have visited, but the rides are a bit rundown. I have now ridden 851 roller coasters at 374 different parks. I have now discovered 210 roller coasters before ACE or RCDB could find them.


I have arrived at Chang'an Park. Let's go in.


This is the view as you enter the main gate. I am too lazy to walk up the hill.


All Chinese parks seem to have at least one lake with boats.


This little ride through haunted house is here.


There is a nice log flume here.


the log flume is entwined with the coaster.


Here is the station for Chang'an Park's star attraction.


It is a mouse coaster.


The cars even look like mice.


Here is some of the twisted track of the mouse.


There is a kiddie coaster here.


The kiddie coaster hasn't been in service for a while.


It has not operated in some time.


The moon cars ride (arguably a coaster) also closed a while back.


The bumper cars are very popular.


This fun place exists just a short walk from Chang'an Park. That will wrap up this TR.

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