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IAAPA 2013 Trade Show - TPR's Official Report!

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Well According to that list Peta is the next step up the ladder. Petacoaster? I mean I can't see S&S naming this, I think in their eye's this is just a El Loco that is the worlds tallest coaster. I mean I can be wrong, but until why not call it a Petacoaster?

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Well, Intamin coined the terms for Giga and Strata (they were the first to break those records), and we just went with it. So, if the company doesn't come out with their own class, then we'll have to make our own. Or just call anything over 400 a Strata.


Perhaps "Big Freakin' Coaster" would work.

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Well, maybe its just me but when I think of a pita coaster I think about Pita Bread, or animal rights activists. not about a giant frightening metallic beast.


Peta not Pita. P'eh'ta vs P'ee'ta. I think it sounds fine as it makes sense sequencially.

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While you guys argue over which prefix to use for the 500' coaster, I am going to post some more photos.


Martin & Vlemincks will have some announcements later today! Crossing fingers more wood coasters!


Hanging out with the Intamin guys at IAAPA!


Here's a look at the B&M booth.


Plenty of "haunt" stuff for our horror and themed attractions enthusiasts.




Just interviewed B&M... Look forward to the video later!

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That Drop n Splash looks weird and fun.

I'm pretty pumped up to hear which park will pass the 500 ft mark.


I just thought of this, should we get a new name for them?

I mean till the 199 ft mark we don't name them.

200 ft --> 299 ft is called Mega or Hyper (correct me if I'm wrong here, I'm confused here every time.)

300 ft --> 399 ft is called Giga

+400 ft Strata.

So is this a strata or something new?

From what I've seen it's determined by the manufacturer. Togo calls their coaster in Vegas a "Mega Coaster", but I havent seen any others called a mega. Hyper coasters started with Arrow's Magnum XL and are defined as 200-299ft with no inversions.


Giga coasters were started by Intamin (I think Millenium Force was the first) and is the actual model name of the coaster, the cars are physically stamped with "Intamin Giga Coaster". They are also defined as 300-399ft with no inversions. Stratacoaster was Intamin as well for TTD and Kingda Ka but I think that's more of an informal name. "Accelerator" is the model name for TTD/Ka.


tl;dr - Hyper and Giga were named not only for the height but also the design. Strata was purely about height, coming from the thought that the coaster goes "into the stratosphere". This new one is an entirely different kind of coaster altogether, I'd assume they just keep calling it Polercoaster due to the design.

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Some nice stuff at IAAPA this year. The new lead cars all look nice. Mini Millenium Fliers are cute and would be perfect for all the kiddie woodies out there.


The Viper looks like really long but rather standard GCI. Not a bad thing but there is nothing to make it stand out apart from how giant and long it is.


Not keen on the Mack Splash and Drop ride concept.


Loving the model of Smiler. I really wish the track was painted yellow is real life!


GCI's Switchback idea does look a nice idea. Seem to reply on gravity to get the train moving again after the switch. Seem to have been really well thought through to keep it all as simple as possible.

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Even more photos!


Can someone PLEASE just build this Proslide Waterpark World? This looks AWESOME!!!


Just interviewed Garner Holt. These guys were awesome to talk to!


Just announced today... Calico Mine Train at Knotts Berry Farm to be updated with animatronics by Garner Holt!


Coming to a Halloween Haunt near you (hopefully) soon!


Ideas on how to implement Mack Rides new Drop N Splash.


Mack's new Arthur ride opening in 2014 at Europa Park looks fantastic!

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Love the Goliath train. I might be crazy, but it looks like they've added some padding to the shin guard on the restraint. Maybe I'm just hoping that's the case, because my shins took a beating on Outlaw Run in August.


YES! It looks like more padding and it's shaped like the lap bar padding. Your shins weren't alone, ouch, but worth it. Hope SDC adds this new padding as well.

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Not keen on the Mack Splash and Drop ride concept.



Take a look at the photo above on how to implement a theming around it. I think if its done right, it could really cool!



The concept does give the earlier preview a better feel than I originally thought, I have to admit.

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