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IAAPA 2013 Trade Show - TPR's Official Report!

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So, I have a question for Morgan or Rocky Mountain Construction (if you're doing questions) - is it a coincidence that the seating and restraint systems between Goliath and Lightning Run look very similar to each other?

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Bit late to the party but ahhhh, IAAPA, the theme park and coaster enthusiast's holiday! Easily the best part of the off-season for me, love seeing all the new hotness. As for that HUGE GCI coaster, looks like it'll be a very good woodie. And...

I'm definitely keeping my eyes peeled for the waterslides, they always come up with some real crazy stuff in IAPPA and some miniature models I just want to buy and keep on display in my house! I'm so excited!

THIS!!! Year after year, the water slide companies make my jaw drop with their increasingly bizarre, totally "WTF" designs, especially Wiegand-Maezler's new Slide Wheel! That thing looks seriously messed up (in the best way possible)!

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The excitement has got me reading through the old IAPPA updates. It's interesting to see which announcments panned out ("OMG you guys they seriously just announced they're going to put an Inversion on Hades!") And which ones we're yet to see anything from (Shuttle woodie, multi-car freefly extreme coaster)


By the way, if anyone wants to geek out, I'm unofficialy announcing the current topic in the TPR chatroom to be "IAPPA geekout".

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Well I have to admit that I'm slightly disappointed that this is how the 500 ft mark will be surpassed: Don't get me wrong, I mean, I'm glad they're building this ride and it sure looks impressive but, you know, I was imagining a "normal coaster" breaking this record with a 500 ft tall tophat or a lift hill and 500 ft drop. Still very impressive, though.

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