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IAAPA 2013 Trade Show - TPR's Official Report!

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Hey guys! It's that time of year again that all coaster and theme park geeks look forward to like its Christmas... it's IAAPA Trade Show time! Like always, TPR will be reporting live from the show floor throughout the entire event, so be sure to check back often for photos of the new hotness from the amusement park industry!


We will be updating this thread throughout the day, but if you want to follow all the action live, be sure to follow us on the TPR Twitter and Facebook pages:





Now, how about some photos?!?!



Welcome to IAAPA 2013!


Walking to the IAAPA Kickoff Show and we see... El Loco car from S&S!


A model of Coney Island's Thunderbolt coaster at the Zamperla booth.


A new ride concept on display at the Mack booth.


And now at the kickoff show!


Paul Noland, President of IAAPA takes the stage with some inspiring words for our theme park industry.


Yay! One of our favorite companies... Sally Corps booth at IAAPA!


A closer look at the Thunderbolt model.


Keep checking back all day for more photos! Now, POST YOUR COMMENTS!!!

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The bad news is that most parks in North America are in their off season. The good news? That means IAAPA coverage by TPR! Looking forward to the updates. Going to be hard for you to top all the great interviews from last year but good luck.

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More Photos!


What's the new hotness in amusement game stuffed animals? Plush beer mugs!!!


I'm not exactly sure what this is, but damn I want her cherry! :)


Show floor is about to open! Where should we go first?


Check it out! B&M has a Gatekeeper car at IAAPA! Who's a fan of Cedar Point?


What could be under the tarp at the GCI booth???


The mini Millennium Flyer has been announced! It's going to Legoland Florida!


Coastersaurus at Legoland Florida will get the new mini Millennium Flyer trains! More photos to come!

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It's the most wonderful time of the year...


Yay!!! It's IAPPA! I love reading about IAPPA and seeing all the crazy new stuff the companies came up with! I'm definitely keeping my eyes peeled for the waterslides, they always come up with some real crazy stuff in IAPPA and some miniature models I just want to buy and keep on display in my house! I'm so excited!

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And more photos!


There's the new lead car for Lightning Run, new for 2014 at Kentucky Kingdom.


And here's the lead car for Dollywood's FireChaser Express.


Even more lead cars! Goliath at Six Flags Great America.


We are at the Wanda Group for a huge announcement! What could it be???


Wanda City theme park will build the largest GCI wooden coaster to date (as well as the largest wooden coaster in China)! The Viper will be 1500 meters long with a 50 meter lift hill!

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