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This thread will follow not on the Model of a coaster I am build but it No Limits counterpart.


Lotan is a B&M Floorless coaster. I have refined this layout off and on for the last 5 years. I wanted this to be realistic layout that B&M would build. (Some of you might recognize it as a NL coaster I uploaded a few years ago under the name Adventure).


I am also making a Coasterdynamix model of the same layout as well. Ill try to post progress shots at least once a week.


But alas here is the stats on the ride


171 ft tall

67 mph

4,689 ft

7 inversions

- Sea Serpent


Zero G Roll


Interlocking Corkscrews


Other elements

- High speed low banked turn

360 degree helix

Three trains

8 cars

4 people per car

32 people per train



- Purple supports

Green track/ ties

yellow Rails

Hydra Trains



Thank you for taking your time to look at this and I hope you enjoy following along.

any tips on building CD models is greatly appreciated




Latest Progress. The start of the sea serpent roll


What will become Lotan


Train one of three is ready to roll


Start of the lift hill


1st Drop


Little test seat I made


Station overview


Ride Plaza


Ride entrance( Regular entrance on the left & Fastlane on the right)


Side overview




I just liked this photo

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Beautiful NL creation. So smooth and graceful, I really enjoyed my virtual ride. For your CD model, I can give you a couple of pointers. First, you will not be able to precisely re-create your NL creation. The trains aren't efficient enough to clear the course you have created. You will either have to lower the height of all the elements, remove some parts altogether, or both. Unfortunately, that's just the way those CD sitdown trains work. The inverted trains are much more efficient, allowing for more accurate re-creations, but the sitdown trains, not so much. I love them, and love building sitdown models, but I definitely have to adjust my building to accommodate for this fact.

Second, take your time building. Building a CD model takes MUCH more time than building a NL coaster. I mean, you can throw together a model quickly, but it'll look sloppy. To make it look smooth and realistic, you have to take time and have patience. I'm an absolute perfectionist when I build CD models (you can look at some of my creations right here on TPR). Because of this, my models take months to build (and that was before I had kids...now they take even longer!). I'll spend an entire weekend working on a dive loop, only to not be satisfied and tear the whole thing down. If you want to make your CD model look good, then take your time, look at each element from every conceivable angle to look for imperfections, and take your time! Remember, though, this is coming from a ridiculous perfectionist. If you have more peace with flaws than I do, then it will not take you as long to build.

Again, great NL coaster, would love to ride it in real life. Enjoy your CD time!

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Well I've come to a stand still with the model at the moment with school and everything, And I've come to the realization this will become a static model, since the friction of the floorless trains suck. But I do want to make this as close to my NL creation as possible And that is the plan to create some of the 3D's for the model including making footers with plaster.


And thanks again for all the responses I plan to pick it back over the next two weeks.

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