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Air @ Alton Towers ISN'T the first flying coaster?

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I was doing a research project on roller coasters and stumbled upon this in RCDB. According to RCDB, apparently, Air @ Alton Towers is not the first flying coaster. It is actually Skytrak at Grenada Studios in Britain. The ride was made by Skytrak International and featured trains similar to Zamperla's Volare flying coasters.






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I can't remember Alton advertising it as the 'first' but that's not to say they didn't. Parks often are economical with the truth when it comes to advertising their rides. You could say the same about Oblivion bearing in mind Ultra Twisters existed before Oblivion did.


They definitely didn't advertise it as the "World's first B&M flying coaster" because, to 99% of people that would mean absolutely nothing ("what's a B&M" etc)

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Through my 3 years in China,I have discovered some claims that are even more insane. A ride op at Jinjiang Action Park tried to convince me that their Giant Inverted Boomerang was designed by China and is the only one in the world. I was like, how stupid does he think I am.

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Premier Rides tried selling a solo coaster Skysurfer concept back in the early 2000s. Can't find a picture anywhere but it looked like a better take on this idea.


I've always been intrigued by Air. Count me as an opponent to pretzel loops and other sustained high-G maneuvers on flyers.

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Looks like a more painful version of the Zamperla Volare.

I remember seeing on a british coaster enthusiast website that the guy who designed the ride was the first to ride it and got a back concussion. It also says that it constantly broke down and had many bugs. I'll try to find the link and post it later.

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