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[NL2] Park Set - Update 3.0!

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This is really nice for all that people that don't know or don't want to model their own rides. They look very good, nice work. With NL2 we are starting to see the development of custom scenery sets, flat rides and trains, in pure RCT3 style, which is an amazing thing. Thank you for taking the time to do this.

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@Dapalm: Thank you! I hope there will be more designers to make some flatrides


@Tanks4me05: Unfortunatly not. My trial of 3dsMax is done and i have no more the possibility to set the pivot points correctly. Sorry.




1.) Download the folder with the flatride (the .nlpark file is an additional example park, how the ride will look).

2.) Next, copy and paste the folder into your own park folder, where you want a flatride.

3.) Load your park in the editor mode and click on: Scenery Tab .. than on: choose...

4.) Navigate to: park base.. and there should be the folder you´ve pasted in step 1.) ..

5.) The flatrides have preview pictures (some are splitted in different parts) .. click on a picture

6.) Click under the left menu (under choose...) "ADD OBJECT" and place it in your park...




As in 1.) mentioned, there are example park-files on dropbox if you don´t know how the ride will look like. I hope that will help you to get the flatrides into your own park


Nice greetings.

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