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ChrisHanKwanSivus Gift Exchange 2013!

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I'm in! I'll just KISS (Keep It Simple Silly) and say "Surprise Me" - you can get creative and sometimes that's the best.


I do enjoy lots of international candies and drinks, especially from Japan, that cannot be found in the US...

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I am also in this year!

Was great fun last year.


As an every year visitor in the States (Florida), I love many things from there that are not available in Germany:

Maybe my secret Santa lives in the States?


Such as

Hawaiian Punch Drink Mix.

Everything that tastes "Grape".

Dr. Pepper

T-Shirts (Size XL) <- T-Shirts are available in Germany also

Jolly Ranger Chews



Generally I love sweets .

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I'm definitely in. Relatively new to TPR, and probably a little too quiet on the forums. Fan of the Mouse House, with Buzz being my favorite character. I'm an aerospace engineer by trade so it makes sense haha.


Things I also like, NCIS, aviation/aerospace stuff, space related items, and random cool projects like logic puzzles, Japanese toy puzzles etc. Cool mechanical stuff basically haha.


I also look forward to being more involved on forums and such.



If anyone has access to Crispy M&M's, feel free to throw them in! Love those things, and so sad we can't find them in the states anymore!

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I'm totally in again! Last year was so fun.......


Things I like:

-sugary candy stuff

-anything to do with marine animals (especially killer whales and belugas) stuff

-wilton baking stuff

-scuba diving stuff

-sparkley/glittery stuff

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WOW! Left work yesterday with no messages, came in today to 17. You guys are on the ball! Couple of things: I noticed a few folks who have posted in the thread but have not pm'd me a mailing address, so make sure you do both! And, please make sure you let me know yes or no for international shipping because I've had a lot of folks forget to include that in their pm. Keep 'em coming!


And, of course, I'm in again this year. I like baking (obviously, if you've read my thread), sweets (chocolate weakness), anything 80s related, novelty socks (yes, I know I'm 32, so what). I have eclectic taste in music: 80s pop, 90s alternative, Broadway musicals, jazz, bluegrass, "new" grass. I love antiques and historical stuff; I want to know the stories behind antiques: where did it come from, who did it belong to, etc. I love to act and perform, though you probably wouldn't know it at first meeting because I'm kind of shy, but get me on stage and I'm a completely different person.

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I'm in this year.


Lets see, When I'm home I am either watching TV, movies or sports; NFL (Panthers), NBA (not really a favorite team, just hate the Heat), College Basketball and Football (UNC).


I also love food and any out of the ordinary gadgets.


Some TV shows I watch (or watched when it was on): SouthPark, Family Guy, Lost, King of Queens, Friends.

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I'm gonna participate this year since I have some money saved up now. Things I enjoy typically relate to math, videogames, twisty puzzles, coasters(kinda obvious), gadgets, physics, and anything geeky. TV shows I like would be Star Trek and Dr. Who. I like most things Sci-Fi from books to movies. I'm a big reader as well so novels are welcomed. As far as music goes I like classical music although I enjoy modern arrangements as well. I also like graphic t-shirts and my size is a medium. Even so, I love surprises and would be happy with almost anything! Can't wait to contribute this year!

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Here some ideas about a good gift for me:

- Craft beer from small local brewries and associated merchandise! I like to try any kind of beer but I prefer the ones with a good amount of hops (IPA, APA,...)!

- T-Shirts (American size L, European XL) about parks and roller coasters or just cool shirts!

- Playstation 3!

- TV shows: The Big Bang Theory, Dexter, Californication, The Simpsons, Family Guy. Please no DVDs because I don't watch them!

- Anything related with space missions or space in general!

- NFL merchandise! I'm a Colts fan but I like most of the teams!


This is all I can think of right now! I might add more later!

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Count me in! I'm new to TPR and excited to participate.


A few things I like:

Cooking/Baking, Pikachu, Game of Thrones, The Simpsons, Bath stuff or lotions, Knitting/Crafting, Disney Parks, Star Trek, Thinkgeek stuff, Books in the style of Thomas Pynchon, David Foster Wallace, Cormac McCarthy, or Sci Fi. That should be enough to work with!

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I'm in.


My interests:

Doctor Who

True Blood

hockey - Pittsburgh Penguins

Russian/Eastern European history


I collect Pepe Le Pew stuff


This one is gong to seem odd - I make my own lotion bars, sugar scrubs, solid perfume, and just getting into lip balms....so stuff for making lip balm from brambleberry.com - any flavors, mica colorings (make sure it says lip safe), chapstick tubes, lip balm base, push tubes. Surprise me!


Shirt size XL


I can't think of anything else right now.

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I'm in! Never done this / heard of something like this before besides at work and with my family.


I like anything Cedar Point,

gift cards are always nice

Shirt size L

Anything Ohio State

Recipes from My Home Kitchen: Asian and American Comfort Food from the Winner of MasterChef Season 3 on FOX Hardcover,

Coasterdynamix models either Gatekeeper or Beast from Kings Island

Movies - horror or action New Releases would be fine as well (blueray)

Guinness Pub Glasses, Set of 4

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