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ChrisHanKwanSivus Gift Exchange 2013!

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I am waiting on the mailman to bring me the rest of the gift I am to be sending out!! (I got my name late! ) Tracking said tomorrow - so I shall be planning on sending it out! (I am not flaking! LOL)


I have not gotten mine yet either...so I am hoping somehow I did not get lost in the bunch being I got my name late? Yikes!

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^^ I think you are ok Lena. It will still make it before the holiday


Exactly. I had to contact my person last year to make sure it arrived.


That's a darn shame!

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yah, not worried about not receiving anything yet, as the massive ice storm basically took out the Dallas Airport for two days, so stuff I was expecting from Amazon on Friday still hasn't made it here yet either.


but at least I know my giftee got what I sent, as I saw acknowledgement here

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Got mine last week... (kinda, the elves received it last week... I got it a bit later)


Mine was sent out late by the elves as well, but iShip tracking shows it should be delivered by/on Wednesday! (crosses fingers)


What could this be??? Who could this be from???


Initial peek inside!!!! Looking good so far!!!


My Secret Santa did an Awesome job!!!! Thanks!!!!

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So I picked up the box from the mail room it was pretty heavy, so I got all curious and opened it up.



Lovingly wrapped

Aww they are all wrapped in cute snowman paper guess I should wait til Christmas, I am sure they would look lovely under my tree... when I get a tree. But who am I kidding I have the patience of a 2 year old and I need some holiday cheer to get me through exams anyway. So open I will!



Package 1 was pretty heavy... ooh a box. It is a pretty nice box but I must see what is within.

Oh a caffeine molecule mug. Must have read my mind. That is probably the single thing I will need the most between now and the 19th.



So what else does my Secret Santa have in store for me... I think I'll wait and spread the excitement the mystery of the other 2 packages shall wait til another day!

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Wow, I'm not ashamed to admit that it was really exciting to have a random package from a random stranger show up at my door! (Maybe that wasn't such a good way to phrase it...don't get any ideas.) But seriously, how often are we able to be surprised by something these days? Package in hand and anticipation growing, I was able to experience a little bit of childhood again-- before the world of amazon wish lists and gift cards when things were actually a surprise.


What could it be?



Packing peanuts....yay! Oh wait, and some other really fun stuff :). Note: Banana not for scale


Bananagrams game, Moose Munch, Jeff Daniels DVD and a card!


Really, really thoughtful card


Excited to watch this


Can't wait to munch on this


Thank you, thank you!


Amazing gifts!

I think I hit the Secret Santa jackpot! I really love my "survival pack" and will enjoy sharing laughs and smiles playing the game and DVD with friends and family this holiday...just not sharing the Moose Munch, that's allllll mine. Thank you Jessica for such a thoughtful, fun gift!

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Well I caved and decided to open my gifts. Bravo, Secret Santa! Batman Ice Cubes (awesome), a LEGO Calendar (fantastic), a Shedd Aquarium magnet (another for the collection!) and a THREE-POUND bag of Swedish Fish!!! Seriously that is amazing, when I put that in my "things I like" post I thought maybe someone would send me one of the small packets, but a massive bag - just wow! Thanks so much!!!



My goodies. I promise I will try to make the candy last more than a week...

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So I got this today.. Basically three of my favorite things combined.. Raptors, Landscaping and the Jets....



Huge thanks to Joe Frandsen for knowing me. It's always great when you know the person in real life and they are awesome. And as always, hat tip to Brandy for hosting this.




- chris "only 99 more posts and I get a bag of crap" con


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Great stuff, y'all!


Don't fret if you haven't received anything or if you haven't gotten word that your gift was received. At least don't fret yet, lol. This is why we moved the shipping deadline up, so that there's plenty of time for gifts to arrive before the holidays. And with the winter weather in much of the U.S. right now I'm sure shipping has been delayed for some folks.

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a THREE-POUND bag of Swedish Fish!!!


This is amazing! I obviously have not been looking in the right places all I find are little bags and I do LOVE Swedish fish.


Never seen a swedish fish in my life //A swede


Well we do have the original but it has "Malaco" embossed on its side instead of swedish, how lame...

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Blonde moment. I got this package forgetting I had even signed up and thought "Who in the heck sent me this?" I called my mom, siblings and a couple of friends puzzeld. Then it dawned on me and made me laugh (doh). Major points for whoever had me! I can't wait to do this again next year!


Chris V


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