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[RCT3] Crystal Town Amusement Park ~ June 3, 1997

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Quick synopsis:

1992: Park approved, construction begins.

1993: Valentine's Day, disaster kills 6 workers.

1994: Workers Strike, Financial Issues, Arson of entrance.


Hello readers, it Lilly Harringstone updating you again, but, for the last time. During Construction that is. Today was officially the last day in construction for Crystal Town. While things have to be added (benches, trash cans, etc...) we are mostly done. I will be on business leave to our headquarters in London for further discussions on my company's other park, Kingland Park in London, England.



The window in the building for Daydream Believer doesn't show much, but just a few meters away is a soon-to-be bursting path, if the crowds DO show up.

Overture goes zooming through its loop. Looks fun!

The station is small, but reminds me of Forest Singer's station.

Caught this while inspecting the carosuel, another successful test run!

Being the last day for construction, many workers celebrated a job well done!

Airline spins like an out of control chairswing!

Layout of Overture, unlike other shuttle loops, it has no rear spike due to budget issues.

The last image I was able to take before leaving Crystal Town, New Jersey in the plane.



Park opening very soon!

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IneedTPforbunghole: Didn't see that! Let's just say the park had lots of money at the beginning of construction. They were smart by building the bigger rides earlier, and decided because it's so small, it could wait. Unfortunately, because of the events that happened, they ran out of money by the time the construction on that ride was to begin. Some things just can't be planned.

AJ: That's fine, sorry, I didn't see that.


Hello everyone, Lilly Harringstone here! Last week today was opening day for Crystal Town Amusement Park! We had an ASTOUNDING amount of guests on opening day with over 6,000 people coming from all over the world just to attend day 1 of season 1 for our park!

While we did have some bumps in the way of construction, and we did have some financial issues at the end on construction, it is so far successful and paying off!



Our first written update is from Sarah Fillendrome of South Amboy, New Jersey. She is 13 years old and we have decided to choose her for our May update as she embodies the happiness of a child on a trip to the park.

We hope more submissions are sent in for the monthly update so that the park can continue to enjoy watchers in the form of written reports!

Just because you didn't get chosen this time, keep sending it in and maybe you'll get it for our June update!



Name: Sarah Fillendrome

Age: 13

Hey guys, my name is Sarah Fillendrome and currently I am writing to be featured in the May issue of Amusement Magazine! So, I went with my mom, 4 friends and myself, of course!



This is the picture my dad took before we got in my mom's car to take off to the park! The people (from left to right):

Top: Myranda Gastone, Mom, and Maurice Dendricke.

Bottom: Me, Jason Lionel, and Kelly Lashionelle

After we left, my friends and I were talking a lot, and once we got to the park, we got into the parking lot, and it was PACKED! Another thing, those parkers/drivers were TERRIBLE! Just look at this blue SUV! Also, why are there so many orange, purple, red, and blue cars?

On the tram to the park, I got a picture of Daydream Believer testing! I think it'll be AWESOME!

The entrance building was cool! Inside the queue for the turnstiles It has all these props from past amusement park attractions, my favorite was the Omnimover from Adventure Thru Inner Space at Disneyland that went from 1967-1985.

Inside the entrance are great building architecture! Although there weren't many building in the main plaze...

Aww yeah! There it is! Can't wait to ride! Chairswing looks a bit... lonely if you ask me!

As we SPRINTED to the ride, we got in line with NO LINE! What could be better than THIS???

I chose to ride in the back, loved it! I unfortunately didn't get any images on-ride as it was so... fast that I couldn't! Great ride! But kind of short if you ask me. I only got this pic of the last turnaround going back into the station.

After that, Myranda, Jason, and I decided to go on Voyager (Blue) as Orbiter (Red) had a INSANE line!

I wanted to go on Whirling Dervish, but... I chickened out at the last second, sorry guys!

After this, everything on this side of the park, was PACKED and we didn't want to wait anymore, so we headed back towards the plaza and we went to the other area of the park.

Ghastly Gulch looked fun! Except for this line.

My absolute favorite part is when they blew up the town! I only got this VERY blurry shot though. :noob:

Looked like Overture would be next, I don't get why it doesn't have a back spike... I honestly thought it was rough. Could have been better.

Then, Forest Singer! It was going to be so AWESOME! I just KNEW!

O.K. IT. WAS. AWESOME! Easily the SMOOTHEST woodie I have ever been on! It was long, fast, and overall a GREAT family ride! That's the thing about it, not to intense, just right for everyone!

Still great!

Sorry I didn't update for a bit, I lost track of time, and by then, it was nighttime! Inverter wasn't as bad as I thought it would be...

The other great thing about night, FOREST SINGER! (At night)

Aww... the park closes at 10, too soon for me!



Coaster Ratings!

Daydream Believer: Great ride! Smooth and fast! 8.5/10

Overture: Meh, rough, 5/10

Forest Singer: AWESOME! JUST. YEAH! 10/10!



There you have it! Our 1st update for Season 1! Readers, go to the park, and make an update! You could be featured!

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Hello again, Lilly here. This is the June update of Crystal Town Amusement Park! This time, we have an older theme park enthusiast. Markus Johnson of Red Bank, New Jersey. Of the 255 submissions, we have chosen his as he embodies the true critique of a enthusiast! Also, he was the only of 22 who actual followed the rules for the submissions... and his was the best so...



Hello park goers! I am Markus Johnson and I am writing to you about my recent trip to Crystal Town Amusement Park! Well... you'll see



I got this picture taken of me at the tickets stand! I arrived about 2 hours after opening so there was almost no one near the entrance.

The 1st thing I noticed are these 2 teenagers next to the turnstiles after they apparently jumped them to get into the park for free.

The park wasn't too busy today, which is good, came a few days after opening, 3 hours minutes after opening.

Ugh! I hate Inverter! It hurts my legs so much!

I guess I could try Overture, it looks kind of fun... I mean, it's a Schwarzkopf Shuttle Looper, so it should be fun!

WRONG! The launch was great! But the loop slammed my head against the back of the headrest. I don't even know HOW? Aren't those things supposed to SLOWLY lean you back?

Even after that trainwreck, the Forest Singer looked amazing! However, the line was 1 HOUR long! >:(

Really incredible how great a wooden coaster can be! Why aren't more of them like this?

Somehow, I got myself to ride this Helter Skelter, shaped like a cobra, I know it was a kiddie thing, but it does give a good photo opportunity!

I began to make my way back, and decided to ride Aerodynamic, it was cool to rock the seat back and forth.

Wanted to try Twister, but it broke down, smoke was EVERYWHERE!

Voyager has a great view of the park, if you sit in the right seat.

Roll O' Plane is actually pretty cool! It reminds me of my hometown fair in Grand Rapids, Michigan.

That was the time I finally got to ride Daydream Believer, but, the line was still 1.25 hours. Great ride, long line. Like how the trick track goes over the other part of the track!

I dozed off after not feeling well on a bench, and when I woke up, it was 7:00 already! And by this time I was STARVING! So I decided to get a bite at the restaurant, just perfect!

Afterwards, I attempted to try Overture again, this time in the front, big mistake, it is even worse in front!

After ANOTHER Bite at the cafe, it was nighttime, and I wasn't feeling good so I just left for home.

I took this at the moment the park closed (according to my car clock, I just don;t understand why the park doesn't have its own hotel, it would get SO much more profit that way!)



Coaster Rankings

Overture: Bad loop, 7/10

Forest Singer: Better than above, 8/10

Daydream Believer: Love the loop, 9.5/10

Umm, ok then, send in your July statements by the 25th of July! Have a great day! Best of Luck!

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NOTE: Somewhere in one of these photos lies the park inspector, the 1st person to spot it gets their name (or part of it) mentioned in the next update!



HAPPY 4TH OF JULY EVERYBODY! Well, it's actually August right now, but this is the July update, and this writer went on, what a big surprise, Fourth of July. Fun fact about that day: That has so far been the day with the highest attendance so far, with over 7500 people coming out to spend the day!



Hey Amusement World Magazine! It's Liza Shalpeck coming to you from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. I recently graduated High School and currently I am waiting for the summer to be done to go to Penn State University! I drove an 1 1/2 hour to get to this park, and it was worth it! Check it out!


This is me for my Senior picture! Not the MOST recent, but it'll do!

Recently, the park has gotten a lot of advancements, even though it's only been open for 2 months! One of these includes this tram, which runs to the parking lot and back.

Another thing is this all new crazy red pathway! With large signs pointing towards the entrance!

Also included is this far better opening area than before! But I heard this was just completed, still, MUST. HAVE. FLOWERS!!!!


"The Long and Winding Road" anybody?


Orbiter line from Orbiter! (Cool ride)

Murder-neck, I mean, "WHIRLING Dervish" (Really Murder-neck Dervish)

Wanted to go on Daydream Believer at 1st, but the line is too long!

Same with Scrambler.

And same with Inverter.

But not Aerodynamic! It's like a chairswing on DRUGS!

Unfortunately, the moment I got on, it began to RAIN! Luckily, it was just a passing shower.

Next, I got on Overture. AWESOME! It is constantly beaten and abused as "the worst ride there is in the park". I don't know WHAT they're talking about! It's so fast and smooth. Sure the loop packs G-Force, but that's what a Schwarzkopf is SUPPOSED to do, right? I sat in the back for maximum thrills!

Again, as I got on Tilt-A-Whirl, it rained again, just another shower.

I saw Forest Singer, and immediately has HIGH expectations for it!

It. SUCKED. It was super rough and I don't get HOW anyone likes it! UGH! It gave me a headache and deserves to be demolished! The worst part is, I waited an HOUR for a headache on wheels!

I tried to give it a second chance by riding in the front, just as bad! I don't get why everyone was coming off with happy expressions! This ride was made by Intamin too! For shame!

I was sort of hungry so I went to this ice cream stand near the exit... it looks... so sad.

Hey! Inverter's line has gone down! I just might ride it...

Hmm, not bad, but not good, just average.

Ice Cream just won't do! Time for lunch! With a 30 minute wait just for a food stall! Complete with idiots with their umbrella's open, indoors!

Daydream Believer just opened back up from a problem with the brakes, time to ride!

Took 4 rides to get this photo, but worth it for the B&M smoothness!'

Rip-Tide was fun, but kind of awkward as you stared at the person across from you the entire ride. Just look at how he looks at the camera. :weird:

I figured, since I went on Orbiter, I had to go on Voyager too, I like Orbiter better.

Haha! This was my favorite part of Ghastly Gulch! The 2 ghosts told him not to push it down, but he didn't listen, and, KABOOM! The whole town exploded!

Overture, from the back of course!

Hetler Skelter was cool, quick of course, but cool.

I swear I fell asleep on the train ride, it's just so tranquil!

For the rest of the night, I didn't have much to do until the fireworks were to come on.


As I got on the tram back to my car, everyone was still in the park cheering for the fireworks, which made me the only one in my car on the tram, needless to say, creepy.



Coaster Rankings

Overture: WHOO! AWESOME 10/10

Daydream Believer: EPIC! 8.5/10

Forest Singer: Terrible, made me feel awful. 3/10

Aww! I couldn't be here as I was discussing the new roller coaster at my company's other park, Kingland Park. Oh well, sent in your August submissions! Due on the 30!

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Millennium Flyer trains (the ones you used on Forest Singer) didn't exist until the early 2000s. An Intamin woodie would not use them either, since they're made by GCI.


Other than that, pretty good job. I'm not too hot about the "budget issues" for the Shuttle Loop without a back spike since the park has a multi-million dollar B&M looper. But your scenery is great.

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TheAmazingCP: Thanks for pointing that out, I had another forum that has this park continued for much longer, but since I don't have 50 posts, I can't post it for a much better backstory to the park



Hello! This month was a special time for the park! As it was the day we finally announced the expansion for season 2! Quick note: It's NOT a roller coaster, but one will come in the following seasons...

Our August submission was a shocker, it was from a worker herself! The worker's name is Janice Omaisi. (Oh-may-zy), and she is currently the ride operator for Overture. As you know, the announcement was on the 18th, and this is the full coverage of it! Here you go!



Hey readers! I'm Janice Omaisi (pronounced Oh-may-zi, Get it right!) I am a worker at the park to pay off my college education! I work at Overture on the weekends and on every other weekday, (Week 1: Monday, Wednesday, Friday. Week 2: Tuesday, Thursday), and it gets good pay! Now onto the actual written response!



This is a picture of me in my park getup! And yes, that is my natural hair.

YAWN! I got paid to set up the announcement stage this morning, it was a really good pay, the only catch, I had to go at 4 AM! Sorry! I couldn't get any stage construction photos! They made me delete them...

My OTHER friends, Marcus and Leandra, also got into the park before hours! Don't ask how or why... although it involves me sneaking them in.

I got my other friend who began working at the park, Cheryl, making her 1st sale as a gift shop salesperson!

Oh yeah, I forgot to mention, before ride operating, I am the park greeter. This had to be a very great day! I've never seen it this busy!

Park tradition: Before switching ride operators, the worker has to ride it! Looks like I have some bros for life behind me!

My 1st passenger train of the day! There they go... I don't like riding it, but it's fun to man.

It's also fun to watch the people waiting behind the magnetic gates reactions as the train launches! Oh that look of terror on soon-to-be 1st time riders!

WHOOP! My shift's over! Now onto my main job for today! Crowd control for the season 2 announcement! But not before an hour break. (Why does everyone walk on the way right of the path?)

1st ride for the break, Forest Singer! It has a LOT of drops! How many drops can you count? That includes the small dips!

Then to the other side of the park for Daydream Believer! Same thing again! How many drops? This one is easier.

Final break ride . I rode both as the lines were light today!

Over the loudspeakers came an announcement for the show. There was freaking STAMPEDE to that part of the park! I even had to TASER someone as they attempted to start a fist-fight!

The very... makeshift stage for the season 2 project. And I worked 3 HOURS to make it. That $500 was worth it though! From left to right is: Asher Brown, (THE C.E.O HERSELF!!!) Lilly Harringstone, Michael Lin, and Kerrick Tiaga.




An instrumental version of "Hello, Goodbye" by The Beatles begins to play as the ceremony begins.

Tessa Clark stands up into the center to begin the show.

Hello! Hello! Hello! Everyone, as you know, many rumors have been spreading across the grapevine over our new addition for season 2! Well, all your questions over it WILL be answered today!

First of all, we will answer more vague questions widely mentioned:

Will we have a new Roller Coaster? No, unfortunately, we will not have one for 1996, however, we may have one for 1997 or 1998!

How big will the expansion be? It will be big, but not TOO big!

What rides will be in it? Well, I guess we'll answer that now, 2 flat rides, and Rip-Tide will be re-located into it to make larger room for a new restaurant!

Tessa gets towards the end of the stage, looking right at the audience.

OK NOW! We'd better say it! Our new expansion will be... Crystal Woods! A wooded, forest area to the east of the Space towers! The 2 new rides will be... an Intamin Swinging Pirate Ship known as Sea Pirate!!! (Large Applause), now... the other, a HUSS enterprise! (Applause) As for the restaurant, it will be known as Cafe Land and will be smaller than the others near the front of the park! Thank you! Have a nice day!



ALL RIGHT! ALL RIGHT! ALL RIGHT! I admit, I DID cut a little bit of the speech, but those are the other, less important parts! The whole presentation lasted 35 minutes, and over 5,500 people came out to see it! Over 250 of them were reporters!

That's it for today!


Overture: It gets boring after a while... 6/10

Forest Singer: Can't get enough of it! 8/10

Daydream Believer: I love it! 9/10


That was a great day in the parks history! Even though we had financial trouble in construction, we are already getting so much profit that it was worth every penny to invest this project on! See you soon!

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Ok, so now with the expansion construction underway, we finally are getting to our very last update for Season 1! Sorry to those who wanted to be featured in the park updates, but you'll need to wait until next year! By then the park will have a brand new area for new rides, restaurants, and roller coasters!


Greetings, my name is Louis Kingnight and I am writing for a chance to be in the September article update! I come from the small town of Stickley, Montana. We took a plane out east to come to the extended 10-day family reunion in Queens, New York, even if the kids are missing some school (which they're not concerned of, not in the least)



This is our gracious family! From left to right: 9 year old Thomas, 11 year old Daniel, 47 year old Myself, My 43 year old wife, Jessie, Our only daughter (10) Lauren, and our youngest, 6 year old James.

Going on the off season when schools are in and the fact it's a Sunday, there was almost no one in the park at opening.

By POPULAR demand, (more like little kid harassment), we decided to go left, because the kids "wanted to go on the big rides later"

With that, 1st up on the agenda, Tilt-A-Whirl, everyone but Daniel would go on it, he HATES spinning rides.

As we rounded the corner, we saw Forest Singer, and the kids all HAD to ride it! It didn't help that there was only 1 train running which made a 45 minute line, and to make matters worse, people were ALWAYS cutting us.

I thought the ride was OK, there was airtime, but it felt... forced. It was sort of rough at points and the best parts were large drops, which there weren't much of.

Honestly though, after that disaster, there weren't many lines at all for that matter, most rides were a walk on deal. Which certainly made it better, especially with Overture, I would not was 45 minutes for it.

All the kids for SOME reason wanted to go on the train, which I wanted, a nice, sweet, calm down ride. I can't figure out why the station was theater themed, it doesn't make that much sense...

I liked it! People thought it was boring! What do you expect, a mine train??!?!?!??! The rock tunnel was short but cool!

We all needed lunch, the Main Street Cafe was packed, so we went into gaming center, and it's so underrated! Sure the food is in less quality, but look at all this gaming stuff being ignored by the public!

Heading towards the right, it was PACKED, it has more thrills there and EVERYONE wanted to see that new construction area.

The ride I actually wanted to ride was the Daydream Believer, it's a custom B&M, so it has to be good! Only Thomas wanted to ride, so I happily agreed!

Here we go! "Keep all hands and feet inside the ride at all times, enjoy~~~"

Goodbye world! It was fantastic! It was smooth, and it's just great! The line is a bit long, but 3 trains really keeps it moving!

Nearby, the construction is attempting to be hidden, but you can't exactly hide this big a crane! They've already cleared so much land!

On Rip-Tide, we could see a few workers taking measurements! And I think I saw some steel in the background being delivered!

With these September nights getting shorter, twilight was already coming! So we decided to get some rides in! The 2 S&S drop towers were closed for maintenance, and because of that we rode things like Roll O' Plane! A rollin' good time!

My older ones really wanted to try Whirling Dervish, past reports call it a headache machine, but we really enjoyed it! It felt out of control! Like a fair ground ride on steroids!

We didn't forget about young one's too! For James' sake, we all took a ride on the carousel.

Being a Sunday, the park closes early, meaning we had to leave at 8:00. Goodbye Crystal Town, see you next year!

The final photo, just outside the gates near the tram waiting area.



Coaster Rankings:

Forest Singer: 7.5/10, some parts were rough, but a good ride

Overture: 7/10 Ok

Daydream Believer: 10/10! BEST. RIDE. PERIOD.



*Sniff* I got a little emotional printing this, it's the last one, and while the park closed on September 30th, this was the last update for season 1! I will, however, post lots of off-season construction photos! Here's to a great year!

-Lilly B. Harringstone



There you have it, season 1 finished, and I can't wait for season 2, can you? That will happen in mid-late November. 'Till then, please post comments, criticism, or suggestions.



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Layout of Overture, unlike other shuttle loops, it has no rear spike due to budget issues.

Your shuttle loop has no back spike due to budge issues, but your park has a B&M and an Intamin? That really doesn't make much sense.

It does. The shuttle loop probably came last, so they spent most of their money on the B&M and Intamin.

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coolkid: Thank you for clearing that up !




Hello everyone! It's Mason Iearol here! You may be wondering where Lilly is, but she is over at the company's headquarters in London. They're discussing the other park, Kingland Park. Today, I will show you the great progress we have made so far!


NOVEMBER 1, 1995

Oddly enough, it hasn't been a bit all throughout the construction! Even though it's been oddly warmer towards the city! Today, it was raining however.

This photo shows the empty space that was Rip-Tide which was removed on October 18. We will fill it in soon! You'll see!

This photo is from behind the stone wall that currently separates the 2 parts of the park. It's big, but it will be gone by April!

Finally, I'll leave you with 2 workers coming back from lunchbreak.


DECEMBER 10, 1995


Why, hello again! It's been a month now hasn't it? Come on, I'll show you the great progress we've made on the former Rip-Tide area! You'll probably love it!


SNOW on the ground! That could be a sign of good luck!

Here it is! Fardown Restaurant! It is small, but it'll have some mighty sweet burgers!

This is what it looks like coming into the place! I know the tables might seem weird to each other, but it really will be a nice place to eat.

If you're a vendor, here's a shot of what it will be like serving!




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Hi Cull! I'm new to the forums, and of all the parks I've seen on this page so far, I like this one the best! I know that there are some things everyone can work on, but I think you're great at parks! Like the restaurant, and the realism by having it from guest point of views!

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Hello Everyone! It's Mason Iearol again, the park's main construction manager! I just came to say "hi" and give the final update of the off-season until the park re-opens this next Friday! Now, we've had a great time this spring while making it! Now all the rides are installed, tested, and ready to be opened!



OH! What do we have here?

Why, it's the SEA PIRATE! It's the brand new Intamin pirate swinging ship! It'll be an amazing ride for the little kids and families!

I guess we all know what THIS is! (If you don't know, it's Rip-Tide by Chance Rides), it just got a new paint scheme!

However, its new location is close to the cobra roll of Daydream Believer! Basically you can see the entirety of the track from it! It's a new angle you were NEVER able to get before.

The only other new ride is the new HUSS Enterprise. It actually has a lever inside each car which can change the kind of ride you want. If you go to the right, you have a normal, stationary ride. To the left you can move the car freely flipping it as the ride goes along! However, if proposed 1997 plans are approved, it would be moved from its current place.



This one shows the locations of Rip-Tide and Enterprise. If you haven't noticed, the path is very different from other park places. The exit to Sea Pirate can be seen.

And, the basic view of the Sea Pirate, the largest of the 3 attractions. It needed it's whole other picture just to be captured without the helicopter going too high!

This was a picture of the city inspector who gave us the final passing inspection for it to open to the public!



Season 2 starts Friday!



In case you didn't know, you can enter my 1st contest I've made! It's to make the most uncomfortable coaster you can! Enter here:


Uncomfy Coaster Contest

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Hello! Hello! Hello! It's Lilly again, and I am here to bring you the 1st update for Season 2 of Crystal Town Amusement Park! It was an amazingly successful season 1 and we hope we can do the same again! This time for opening day we got so many entries we just COULDN'T pick only 1! So we picked a handful of the best ones and put them together for this small compilation! You may notice some pictures look different from each other and that's because not everyone has the same camera, obviously! Also, another bit of news. We will not be having a June issue as the magazine will be having a more important topic over our normal time-slot, we are sorry to all those who wanted to enter for it! Don't worry! We will be having a July/August/September update! And the July will be special!



Kara Silverstone

I love this park! Especially when driving up to the parking lot, just seeing these trams lets you know that it's going to be such a great day!

Giles Stanley, Local store owner

Even when it's your 10th time entering, you can't help but smile at the simplicity and fun of it!

Lisha Andrews, from Justice, Idaho

I came to this park last year, and now I came just for opening day! It's one of my favorite things!

Liam Kawasaka, Head of Thrills Club at his school

My club and I officially visited the park for today! I love this club, it has 27 members and is growing! Sign up at Jefferson Bob Middle School.

Kira Pisica, Mother of 2

My son's funnest ride was the Scrambler, it twists and is so smooth and fast! I like the new paint they gave it this year!

Omar Jiansa, Park Employee

I snapped this an hour before opening, later on it was filled with screaming guests and photo-shooting tourists.

Daisy Opari, Cedar Fair worker

For being a park being owned independently, this is awesome! It's clean, nice, and thrilling! I wonder how much they spend on it. I think we could buy it

Uriel Garcia, 4th grader

My sister was a big baby who didn't want to go on the Pirate Swing, so I made her! I hate it, she loves it. Sorry it's blurry, I took it as the we were swinging!

Jarret Mion

This is Rip-Tide that was relocated from it's old spot last year.

Hayden Atkins, from Nowburg, Vermont.

Enterprise is so much fun on free tilt mode! It gives you this sweet, free, out of control feeling! IT'S AMAZINSOME!

Jack Bacon, Class President 1990-1991, 7th grade

I heard a rumor of couple's switching the dial to the left and swinging the carriage until they fall onto each other and at which point they start making out. My girlfriend and I can confirm this.

Franklin Southadore, Chairman of the Chicken Farm

Another great ride settles down for a new one!

Ander Quinn, Laundryman

I had to use my grandpa's old camera for this update.

Casey Morgans, from Ridston, British Colombia, Canada.

Overture is underrated!

Ries Sasorian, Kid Mayor for a Day 1994

I loved Forest Singer! The forest and singing go awesome together!

Ben Gairi, Zingo High School Spokesperson

Speaking as a whole of Zingo High School, we all love Daydream Believer.

Riley Winston, a real life Pigpen.

These chicken strips are nothing compared to the ones at home! Good old Albarny!

Myranda Gastone, friend to last year's entry winner Sarah Fillendrome.

I went with my old friend Sarah last year, but since I dated her ex boyfriend, Ricky, we are now no longer friends. We're enemies. Still, that doesn't mean there aren't lines at the rides...

Yzlienti Desiala, moved from Wyoming last year

I finally got around to editing this image, looks cool no?

Trey Cecilia, from Grand Rapids, MI wrote:

Thanks for a great day Crystal Town! I'll see you soon!


Well, wasn't that a great update? With over 250 submissions, these were what we chose to be the best ones! REMEMBER: There will be no June update! Have a great night!

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Hey readers! Remember when we said there would be no June update? Well, we lied, sort of. The magazine won't allow to do a FULL SIZED update in this one. However, for this issue they have allowed us just 1 small hint for the readers. For the 1st person who gets it right, they get a special GOLDEN TICKET to be the very 1st rider on the new ride! Time is short, and some people are quicker than others, so start guessing.




This small image is the only hint, think carefully about it.


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Fellow readers, as you know, this update is special. As it is for the major announcement regarding the 1997 expansion. In case you did not know, it is going to be a roller coaster. And as for the hint, no one got it right. No one. It was more of the fact the words looked similar. Anyways, today's update comes from our 1st international traveler! Well, we've gotten them before, but this is the 1st one to be used.




Hello America! I am Shuya Hojo, and I am on business traveling from Adachi, Japan. Which is a inter-lying district of Tokyo. While today was a off=day from the company, I decided to visit an American theme park. Let's say they're very different from Japanese ones! (Where are all the Togo's? The American coasters are so much smoother!)




I kind of skipped the whole "entering the park" and I just skipped to the rides. This is something I've never seen! It's a slide that looks like a snake! Interesting!

I also saw this wooden coaster Forest Singer, it seems to look Japanese inspired, I've never seen a layout like this, and most Japanese wooden coasters are custom.

Whee! The turns sort of hurt, but the drops are fantastic!

I've never seen this angle of the loop before. Or the train being this empty.

Is this that Inverter ride? Hurts. Like. Hell.

Carousel is bad.

I don't really see this Roll O' Plane ride anymore. It doesn't go upside down, so it's great for families!

In less than 1 month of operation they already moved Enterprise and gave it a new coat of paint?!?!? Why would they put it in the 1st place anyways?

Oh god, it's relaxing! It's the sort of upside down where it's not OUCH! But more slowly pushes you back. I literally fell asleep and had to be woken u p by the operator! It was fun! Blurred on-ride image For The Win! Ahh, Americans and there wacked out rides!

It's insane how much attention Rip-Tide doesn't get! Sure it's a family ride but it's very thrilling too! I must have seen like 600 people walk by it without a glance!

Oooh! Announcement Time! I made sure to run to the front of the audience stage as soon as they called it! This is Lilly Harringstone herself! And she runs this whole show! I'm going to copy what they wrote on the official website for the transcribe of this.




A large, black tarp covers what is assumed to be the thing to be revealed. Little is known of what is under the tarp.

Oscar Brown: Welcome! Welcome! One and all to this year's Crystal Town Amusement Park announcement for the year 1997's expansion! We've been working out the small details ever since December 1994! Now, normally we'd be far more formal with this situation, but we cannot but help express our excitement for next year's ride!

Lilly stands up to the microphone

Lilly: That's right, Oscar. You know, I remember back in October 1979 when my father, James Egail Harringstone, told a then 32 year old me that soon his small park in lower London would be mine. Later, in early 1980, he passed away in a car crash. I remember his funeral very well. And in that will, he clearly stated that I, Lilly Patricia Harringstone, would become the CEO of his company, Northern Lights Parks. Later that year, his small park would introduce it's first set of ride(s). A tilt-a-whril, a slide, and a ferris wheel. We began making more additions until in 1983, the park's 1st roller coaster, Looping Star. Made by Arrow Dynamics. We began to expand and in 1989, we began to plan another amusement park, this park. 3 years later we would get approved to groundbreak, and 3 years later, it would open. Getting back to the roller coaster, we've decided to go close to home. Thinking back to that clue, a front of a boat is a bow. (b-ow). Which looks like bow (boh). And what do you shoot with a bow?

Crowd: AN ARROW!

Lilly: That's right, and because of that, we are making, for our 1997 expansion... AN ARROW LOOPING ROLLER COASTER!!!

Crowd: *A lot of minutes of screaming*

Lilly: However, it's not just ANY roller coaster, as these pictures will show.

Large electronic board goes on and the following computer simulations appear



Lilly: THAT'S RIGHT! RECORD BREAKING! SOUL SHATTERING! SCREAM YELLING AWESOMENESS! The world's tallest loops, and it'll be the largest ride Arrow Dynamics has EVER MADE! It will also be the LARGEST ride in the entire part of New England! Pretty impressive for a park that at one time might not have ever opened, if you ask me. That's all I'll leave you with. And for those who believe that because it's an Arrow, that it will be rough, well, these are new trains, so just you wait. Goodbye everybody!

Crowd: So much screaming that the Andromeda Galaxy can here it.

The black tarp finally falls, revealing the starting of a new station for the ride. In the old Enterprise spot.



I swear that I must have been the loudest of EVERYONE! We've never had ANYTHING LIKE THAT IN JAPAN! And with that, I guess I'll close this entry.


Coaster Rankings:

Overture: 8/10 Love it!

Daydream Believer: 10/10 Love it!

Forest Singer: 9/10 Love it!



There you have it! Our new ride for 1997! Do you like it? I know we aren't really focusing on 1996, but that's not very much expanded on right now.

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